Oops, Used The Wrong Restroom…

26 Mar

At 5:44pm, I ran 9.67 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:09. Not bad…for me, at least. No music. No stops.

If it weren't for the paint chips that would probably stick to my ass, I might be tempted to rest in front of this house on these bizarre tractor chairs...

Michigan is back to where she normally is this time of year. It was 41 degrees. I could feelt a cool breeze throughout so it felt like 35. Overall, I was comfortable as long as I was in the sun. I miss our 70-80 degree weather from last week even if it was a little scary since Michigan hit some record high temps because of it.
Last week equated to Windows open and the heat was turned off. I did enjoy it.
I didn’t run Saturday and Sunday I’m afraid to say. I don’t have a good excuse for it. I had to travel to Dayton, OH with my youngest son. I was truly unhappy with my weekend plans because up until about 3 weeks ago, Mick and Roo Dog were going with us to the same soccer tourney. The guy who was supposed to register Roo’s team neglected to do so but was happy to say that he got them in another tourney in Ohio over an hour and a half away from Brucee’s tourney. Annoyed….
We had to take two cars and get two hotel rooms for two nights. Not my kind of vacation by any means. I sucked because other than going and sitting next to the other parents at the games and going to dinner with the other families Saturday night, I was a big anti-social nerd. I didn’t have drinks with them while watching the big basketball game in the bar of the hotel. I sat in my room, read, watched the movie, 127 Hours and horsed around on Pinterest in my jammies. Brucee had a blast swimming and getting into whatever shananigans he and his team could find.
The hotel had a decent workout room and even had a nice running trail nearby (according to another mother who I should have ran it with but didn’t). I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything but eat too much food and drink Tim Horton Frappe’s.
A major reason I didn’t want to to this weekend was because I am a horrible driver. On top of that, at precisely the hour and a half mark, my eyes shut. It’s like I have narcolepsy or something because nothing I’ve done in the past can keep my eyes open. I’ve tried loud music, singing, drinking a bunch of Red Bull, air conditioner in my face, slapping my face You name it, I’ve tried it. Brucee was scared too because I told him I thought we could die if he didn’t keep me awake. Poor little dude. I shouldn’t have put that much pressure on him. It all worked out because I took a Ritalin. I can’t explain why that worked but it did.
Brucee was a joy because he says and does the funniest things. On our way home, poor little guy had to use the bathroom in the worst way and I was waiting for a rest area to pull off to and it seemed one wasn’t ever going to appear. Finally, I was able to stop. Brucee tore in there and seemed to never come back out?! Men went in and came back out but no Brucee. I almost grabbed my pepper spray so I could go rescue him from the rapist that had him. Finally he came out with another guy. They were both smiling (frightening). Brucee got in the car and said that he accidentally went in the women’s bathroom….and pooped. Oh, he just kills me. He said he had to go so bad, he wasn’t paying attention to the “mens/womens” signs. The guy who was smiling said “Been there” to my 14 year old son as Brucee came out of the women’s bathroom.
I made dinner and thought I could get out the door running and eat when I got back but the aroma got to me (must be the bacon I used?!).  I found a recipe on Pinterest.  I simply took a piece of foil, sprayed it with baking spray, layered some moistened stuffing, 1/2 a chicken breast, handful of broccoli, bacon pieces, shredded cheese, and a tablespoon of Ranch dressing. I rolled it up and baked it at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.
I ate what I thought was a small portion, put on my shoes and started my run. Yes, I skipped the two hour wait. I thought my eating would be good because I wouldn’t think of food. Wrong. I couldn’t stop thinking about food for the whole run because I kept burping up my meal. No worries though. I’m a trooper and kept it down.
My daughter was home this weekend. She recently turned 21 (March 11th) and I’ve yet to have my first Margarita with her. Maybe this coming weekend. For her birthday, my little sis, Marla got her a bottle of Patron. How clever, right? My mom’s eyes lit up when she found out. My mom enjoys drinking the LICK-A!

I guess I need to blog more frequently because I’m being a bore by rambling on like this. So sorry.  Not really…


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