Another Oops…

16 Mar

Today, I wore a skirt that I purchased weeks ago from Forever 21.  It was like $20-30.  Cheap, cheap, cheap.  Not me.  The skirt.

Gap top, Forever 21 skirt and Nine West shoeboots.

Came home with running on my mind.  The bad thoughts from yesterday’s run had totally left the building.  I had a fresh slate.

At 3:05pm, I was off on a run.  I planned on running about eight miles.  I wore my Vibram Fivefingers.  I haven’t worn them on a long run for a long time so they worked well today.  No 8 miles for me.   I ran 6.97 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:37.

Left my VFF's on the deck to dry. I don't want them to stink.

It was around 75 degrees again which is so unseasonable warm for March but I loved it because I got to wear a tank top.

After my run, I had to take Brucee to his 5pm practice.  On the way there, I stopped and pickup treats.  I got a huge Red Bull and beef stick.  Brucee was disgusted by my beef stick and didn’t take advantage when I offered him a bite.  It was the kind where your teeth don’t penetrate right away.  You must apply pressure to break through the skin.   Yum.   Kidding.  I know that’s gross.

Once Brucee and I got to his practice, we discovered that there was no practice.  Darn.  I pull this shit all the time.  It makes my whole family crazy.  We went to Target and I scored some dresses for work, cute shorts, some tank tops, and some other little goodies.

Took Brucee to meet up with his dad for basketball practice and then continued on to meet up with my mom and my other son, Roo, for dinner….at the bar.  No, I didn’t drink and it was only 7pm.  I had a 1/2 a chicken fajita salad and it was just so-so.  When asking for the bill, we were told our bill had already been taken care of.  I think it was my friend, Andy.  So nice.

It’s going to be nice this weekend (77 Saturday and 73 Sunday).  It’s also going to be a very busy weekend since both boys have a bunch of games.  Plus, it’s Saint Patty’s Day tomorrow.  Whoop!! Whoop!!

Oh and I cannot wait to see the movie, 21 Jump Street.

I WANT NEED — Deborah Lippmann glitter nail polish.  My daughter’s friend bought her some for her birthday. I’m envious.


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