Poo Poo Day

14 Mar

I feel like all I do is bitch.  Actually, I know I do and today is no exception.  It was in the 70’s so it was absolutely beautiful outside.  It couldn’t have been any nicer out but I struggled depression wise all day long.  I couldn’t get out of bed.  I couldn’t stop eating.  I couldn’t get motivated to do any of my housewife responsibilities.

Then… I needed to go to work from 4-8.  Lucky me.

I wasn’t into it.

When I get into these little humps, the common sense in me is gone.  My life isn’t perfect but it is very good.  I need to focus on that and charge ahead but I just can’t sometimes.  So stupid.

Mick’s good to me and doesn’t throw it in my face.  He’s very patient with me.  I’m very lucky to have him.


My little sister invited me to go see Madonna with her in November.  Madge is coming to Detroit to perform and I guess she hasn’t done it for years so THIS…IS…BIG.  I hate concerts because I have space issues.  I hate being caught in crowds or parking lots.  So a concert is perfect.  Ha!


I got an email from Biggby offering 99 cent hot/iced drinks tomorrow,  March 15th.  They say it’s their birthday tomorrow.  If you want one, you can probably join their little club at their website, Twitter or Facebook?!


Gamefly.  What does everybody think of Gamefly?  I’m sick of my boys sinking their money into video games.  Rental seems like it’d be better.  Let me know if you have experience with Gamefly.  I’m really curious. 


Tomorrow’s supposed to be 70 degrees with a 40% chance of rain.  I don’t care about the possibility of rain.  I’m hoping to get my “RUN” on.


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