She’s Not Quite Old Enough…

13 Mar

My life will be changing.  The library is going to start charging for late book returns.  What the hell am I going to do?  I’m ALWAYS late.  I have a system.  I mean I work the library system. They don’t charge me for the book until I’m like 3 weeks late and even then, they wipe out the charges when I take the book back.  I like the old way.

Moving on…

What a lovely freakin’ day in Michigan!

The temperature couldn’t have been any nicer for a run.  It was 55 degrees and the average wind mph was 14.   As soon as I got home from work, I put on my running shorts and hit the country roads. Well, it wasn’t all country but that’s how it always starts and ends.  I ran 11 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:29.  No music.  Phone in my left hand, pepper spray in my right.

It’s funny how you go through different stages during your run.  Today, I was thinking in the beginning how my right calf was so stiff and I wished it’d loosen up.  After about 4 miles, I’m thinking I could run all day long.  Everything was perfect….for a few miles.   The last 3 miles were tough.  I wanted to call someone but I knew I couldn’t.  Mick was busy and besides, he had to come in town to pick me up a few weeks ago when I pooped out.  I don’t wanna make Mick mad.  When he gets mad, he turns green, and his clothes fall off so I knew a phone call to him was out of the question.  I knew I just needed to baby step my ass home.  But I will say, the last mile, the wind was gusting in my face.  I felt myself huffing and puffing to get air.  I felt like I wasn’t running in a straight line.  I thought I was going to have to walk because I wasn’t getting enough air.  So dramatic, I know.

It seems like forever since I’ve been able to wear a short-sleeve shirt and/or shorts but today I was actually able to pull it off.  “BEASTIE BOYS”!!

BOTOX, I want it...

After picking up my “monkey butt” sons from school, I had a brilliant idea to go to the Mall.  Mall = Bad (very, very bad).

I’m always starving after run.  I walked in the house and ate a banana.  I also had a bowl of cottage cheese with bread and butter pickles.  Nope,  still hungry.

I dragged Brucee off to the Mall with me and we hit the italian restaurant first.  I didn’t ask for seconds of the bread and dipping oil.  Pat on the back.   I do have some self control.  Not much…just a little.  I had a grilled salmon salad.  It had asparagus.  Yum…

Brucee had a kid’s meal.  It was obnoxious.

$5.95. Redonculusly cheap for this much food?!

He ate all but the crust.  I helped him a little with the crust since he just tossed them back on the plate like they were garbage?!  WTH!  I love the crust.

Little guy ate a lot compared to what he normally eats.

My middle son, Roo, stayed at home.  I lied to him and said I was running errands.  It’s not good to lie to your kids but if I told him what I was doing, he would have wanted to come with us and he needed to study for his exams.  AND, he’s a 16 year punk and I was fed up with his crap so I didn’t want to hang with him if he was going to be rude to me.  Sometimes I feel like he’s only nice to me when he wants something.  Not okay.  He needs to learn to be nice to his momma.  It was fun just to hang with Brucee.  No fights.

So I haven’t done a post since March 6th.  Bad Shelly.  It’s not like I haven’t run because I have.

Thursday (8th), I ran 13.28 miles.

Saturday (10th), I ran 10.17 miles.

Sunday (11th), I ran 8:56 miles.

Oh yes, Sunday was a special day.  It was my daughter’s 21st birthday.  I still can’t believe she’s 21.  At her age, I had a 2-year-old child.  I have no regrets about having her so young but I want more for my kids.  She’s got great goals.  She’s studying to be a pharmacist.  She does a lot of volunteer work (Hospice, The Humane Society, the hospital to name a few).  She’s a great kid, I mean woman.

Sunday before going back to school (she was home for Spring Break), she announced that because she’s 21, she’s not too young from doing anything anymore.  I pointed out that she can’t be in an alcohol commercial until she’s 25.  Yes, I’m edjamicated on quite a bit of useless knowledge. I know this little morsel to be true because of the Girls Next Door episode where Kendra Wilkinson was miffed for not being old enough to be in a Captain Morgan commercial.  Twenty-one does not allow you to do everything.   Unfortunately, she might be too old to be on Toddlers and Tiaras?!  A DOLLA’ MAKE ME HOLLA’ HONEY BOO-BOO

What else can’t she do at age 21?

I’m sure she can’t be the President of the United States (35?!)…


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