3 Mar

Yay.  I got my CEP compression socks in the mail.  I wore them today when doing the treadmill for 6.5 miles (61.46 minutes).  I’m not sure if the socks helped or not but I’ll keep wearing them because I don’t think one wear is enough to decide.

My whole family has been sick since Monday.  Stomach flu.  Gross.  I don’t need to say anymore.   My husband and 2 boys had it for about 2-3 days.I can’t stand the smell of Lysol anymore.  I think I caught the same virus but I think it affected me milder than them, if that’s possible.  With not feeling my best and the gusty winds, running outside has not been an option to me.  I haven’t worked out since Tuesday so running today, even if it was on the TM, felt really good.

After running, I made taco meat for nachos and tacos for the family.  I was so excited about the taco salad I put together for myself.  I got clumsy and dropped the bowl, and taco meat went all over my new socks and newish Saucony shoes.  BALLS!  Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy.

Earlier today, Brucee had two basketball games with about an hour and a half in between.  My mom and I went over the Women’s Expo just to waste time.  I wasn’t planning on buying anything but I ran into the girl at the Zumba booth.  I’ve always wanted to try Zumba.  I need new moves for the dance floor, ya know.  Anywho,  I bought a punch card for 10 Zumba drop-ins for only $40.  Nice.  Good deal, right?  Well four hours later, I noticed that the drop-in’s are on Monday and Wednesdays and I’m not free on those nights (Mon = practices and Wed = work late).  I do the most din-a-ling things on a regular basis.  The card doesn’t expire till June so I’m hoping I can use the card sometime before then.  If not, I guess it was a nice donation to the Zumba girl…

With a weak stomach, I invited my mom for a Margarita at the local Mexican restaurant.  My mom said “yes”.  Once my daughter and I got to my mom’s to pick her up, I started having second thoughts and asked my mom if getting ice cream might be better.  She opted for ice cream to my relief (and confessed she’d already drank a glass of wine before my invite).  I’m so weird.  In one breath, I’m complaining about the cold and then in the next breath, I’m asking for ice cream.  Good stuff.


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