Do NOT Dye The Dog….

27 Feb

Okay, I just spent $80 at Pet Supplies Plus.  It’s like Target.  You go in for one thing and find all kinds of stuff you weren’t looking for.  Did ja know they have Bed Head products for animals?  I did NOT.  I so wanted to buy the hair color for my FIL’s Maltese that we’re taking care of.  Koolaid just doesn’t do a good job and Bed Head/Pet Head had some lovely colors to pamper your pet with.  I was picturing purple…

So, what’d I buy at Pet Supplies Plus?  I got some eye goobie wipes for the Maltese.  I also got crinkle balls for my tiger cat, Thomas.  He totally goes ape shit over the crinkle balls.  He lost the other 5 we had — in about 1 1/2 days after I gave those 5 to him so I’m thinking there will be 9 lost crinkle balls throughout my house soon.  I bought flea spray for carpet and upholstery (lasts 7 months) because I’m so totally grossed out at the thought that bugs could be living in our house (found a flea on the chihuahua about a month ago).  I hope all this flea killer crap doesn’t give us cancer.  Also, I’m the new owner of flea shampoo with conditioner, puppy teething rings for the chihuahua and Maltese, dental drops (to add to the pets water for plaque and tartar).  It struck me for moment that I could put a some drops in my kids milk to help cut back on dental bills but, no worries, I came to my senses.

I asked my FIL if I could take his dog to the groomer’s when I visited him today because I totally want to get all of her hair cut off by getting her a puppy cut but he totally shut me down.  He said they’ll cut too much off (exactly) and it’s too cold out for her (no, not true).  He scares me so I’m going to do what he says.  I know he wouldn’t appreciate my dying dog purple (even though I totally want to).  It’s so funny to see my huge FIL with his tiny little foo-foo dog.  What a pair.

Oh by the way, it’s cold in Michigan…again.  Sucksssss.  If all my family wasn’t here, I’d be so gone.  I’m really having a hard time getting out the door to run outside and today was no exception.  Running is like Prozac to me.  If I don’t run outside, I get down on myself.  I get down on myself and I won’t run.  It’s a wicked cycle.

Mick’s sick.  He was throwing up all last night.  Gross… I mean, poor guy.  It’s just another downer.  Hopefully he’s not down for long.

My FIL’s been in the hospital for 25 days today.  They say they’re moving him to a rehabilitation place (by the Mall — woot! woot!) tomorrow for a two-week stay.  I’m glad.  I was so scared they’d send him home to fend for himself.  My husband and I would stop in to take care of him but he needs more care then we can give him so this rehab place is the best thing right now.

My Who Girl (daughter) is talking about not coming home for the summer.  She wants to do research at U of M or some other college far from me.  I need my girl, in my house, entertaining me.  My boys are so boring.  Their rules suck!  I’m not allowed to dance, sing, or talk (gasp!) around them.  They’re so mean to me.  She’s the only one who understands me (puts up with me).  She’s such a selfish crap thinking of herself and her career.  Yawn…

Okay, so do you have a piece of clothing that you love, love, love?

Model behavior... My fave pants and jacket (and sexy Meijer snow boots).

You know you should throw it out but you just can’t do it because there’s no replacement for it?  I feel this way about my Gap zip up sweatshirt.  It now has holes in the wrist.  Makes me sad.  I bought what I felt was a good replacement from J Crew a few years back but I still pull out the Gap and the J Crew sits in the closet.  I kind of have this attitude with my Abercrombie lined windbreaker pants too.  If I would have known what I know now about these two favorites, I would have bought like 5 of each.  Double Suckssss.  Tonight, I wore my two favorite pieces when taking my boys to their soccer practice.  I had no intentions of leaving my car.  Well, nature called and it was necessary to go in to the building right as my little guy was coming out.  Brucee says, “I can’t believe you’re wearing that”.  He was embarrassed by me.  Oh no!

I love to watch movies both in the theater and on DVD.  Sometimes, late at night, I like to lay in bed, all warm and comfy and watch a good movie before falling asleep.  I always borrow my DVD’s from library because you can request online and borrow them for free.  I love FREE.  I just requested Melancholia starring Kristen Dunst.

I’m trying to read Chaz Bono’s book, Transition, The Story of How I Became a Man but I just can’t get into it.  I already saw his DVD, Becoming Chaz so I think reading his book is pointless at this point.  I hate not finishing a book.  It feels like failure.

I think I’ll request the book, Uglies.  I like nonfiction and teeny bopper fiction.  That was kind of a secret (my liking teeny bopper fiction) but it was freeing to say.  Not really.  Rumor has it that our library is going to start charging late fees on late books.  Oh my.  They’ve never done that before.  I never return my books on time.  Yes, I’m a delinquent.  I always keep them forever.  Sometimes, I’ll even wait till I get billed for the book.  That’s when you know they’re serious.  But, you return the book and then they erase the charges.  It will not be so easy anymore.  I must be better.

So, that’s  my exciting day for today and you know where I stand.


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