U Like?

23 Feb

Let me start off by saying that the tights I wore today PISSED ME OFF.  They were so cute in the package but as soon as I put them on, they had little pulls all over them.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never wear them again since they’ll look junky.  Trash.  Bummed because I got so many compliments on them.

I work in a call center part-time.  I love it!!  Besides blabbing all day to brokers, I’ve got the very difficult job of sending the previous day’s telephone stats to my coworkers.  For fun, I like to put a little personal thought or little advice in the body of the email.  I’m sure most don’t see it and delete it but some say my little notes give them a chuckle.  Weird because they never say my advice is helpful?!  Anywho,  today I arranged for a flash mob at 1pm.  I told them to do it and I told them the song was, “Push It” by Salt N Pepa.   What can I say?  I love that frickin’ song.  How can you not?  It fires me up.

Why 1pm, you ask outloud (and others stare at you because of it)?  Because I leave at noon and I didn’t want to do it.  I’d look “a fool”.  I bet those F’ers didn’t do it either.  I tried to enrich their day with some fun.

No run today.  Instead, I engaged with my broken down, piece of crap elliptical for 85 horrible minutes.  The muscle in my right calf was pissed off the whole time.  I like to watch, “My 600 lb Life” while I do the elliptical.   It’s sad, it’s happy, it’s sad, it’s happy.  I just love when they lose weight and get new clothes.  Simple joys.  The show starts out with a subtitle saying that only 5% of the people who get the stomach surgery are actually successful.  That’s a horrible, sad statistical.

Yesterday, the director, a fellow runner, said there are others at my company doing the Bayshore marathon in May with me.  Up until she said that, I thought I’d be all alone that day.  She said to get in touch with the group because they’re doing a group photo after the run.  Photo?  I hate being in photos…  So I contacted Chris, one of the fellows, and he invited me to train with them.  They run most days but I can do the shorter runs by myself, near my house.  The long runs, 17-20 milers, I can meet up with them on the weekends for.  I’m so glad.  I did a 20 miler last September with about 20 people and even though we didn’t run hand in hand, it certainly made the run go by fast.

I just want this stupid marathon to be done and over.  I suck, I know.

I drive through the ghetto to get to the hospital my FIL’s staying at.  I don’t notice what most of the businesses are around there but this little restaurant cracks me up.  It’s called, “U Like“.   It’s not smart to take pictures while you drive, but that’s exactly what this smart one did.

"U Like" is to the right of Subway.

At 5:30pm, I went to my little niece’s basketball game.  Here’s a sneaky shot I took.  I didn’t want all the teeny boppers to make fun of me for taking a picture of the school.  I’m so shady, right?

It's a dumb pic but I needed something for the blog.

I’m horrible about visiting my Grandma but I went to her place last Saturday.  Her apartment is so perfect except for the temperature being a sweltering hot 85 degrees.  Everything’s got it’s own little place.  I thought it was so sweet that she kept this ashtray that my uncle made her back when he was in the Cub Scouts.  How cute that he made her something to help with her smoking habit…


Run (of course)

See the movie, Gone

Visit my Grammy

See my little cousin perform at a dance contest

Get wasted (not really… well, maybe)


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