Please Rescue Me From This Dreadful Run…

22 Feb

Pop/soda/sodee is so bad for you but I’m seriously craving a fountain Pepsi right now.  It sounds so refreshing.

Today’s my late day at work (4pm-8pm) so I try to get my run on on Wednesdays.

I did just that.  It was chilly.  The temp was 34 (felt like 29).  I ran 9.19 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:24.  Before I start any of my runs, I don’t have a clue what route I’m going to take.  I usually add to my run as I go and it works for me.  Today, however, I added too much and all of a sudden, I mentally let it get to me when I was in the middle of town (3 miles from home).  I was cold.  My knees were sore.  I was DONE.  Burned OUT…

So, what do I do in this situation?

I call my Knight in Shining Armour.  He wasn’t available so I called my husband, Mick.

Mick’s sweet.  He rescued me and gave me the rest of his Taco Bell.  He said he wasn’t going to eat it.  I was eye balling his fountain Pepsi but thought it’d be too rude to ask for the rest of it.  Pooh.

My FIL is still in the hospital.  He’s out of ICU (after 2 weeks) and should be released home in the next couple  of days.  We know he had an infection, lost almost 70 pounds of fluid (280 down to 211 lbs) and we know his kidneys failed but after all the tests he’s had, I don’t really know what the heck was wrong with him.  Scary and confusing but I know he’ll be glad once he’s home again.

Since my FIL’s been in the hospital, we’ve had his little dog, Jasmine.  She’s a 10-year-old tiny Maltese.  I’m dying to take her to the groomer but it’s not my place.  As you know I have two dogs and four cats so my house was already overflowing when Jasmine arrived.  She’s alpha to my golden retriever, Sophee and chihuahua, Bella.  However, the 4 cats are pissed that she’s here.  At first, she chased and barked at them.  She thought they were  great fun.

Jasmine thinks Frank is the "black devil". Frank hisses and growls at Jasmine.

Well they got to talking and decided they were tired of her shit.  Several times they have cornered her.  They puff up double their size and give her the stink eye.  They give her a slap on the butt which makes her scream and howl.  She usually runs and hides under the golden retriever’s chin.  We realized Jasmine’s kind of stupid because the 4 cats will easily bait her into another room away from all of us and corner her.  They’re declawed and I can’t see them biting her but I know she’s very intimidated at this point.  Not fun and games anymore.

We crate Jasmine when we leave because I don’t fully trust her not to have an accident.  My FIL says she’s never been crated but I really think it’s best considering I don’t know what the cats would do if they had her to themselves…..

I haven’t mentioned it only because I haven’t been posting regularly lately but I’ve been so nervous about my head for the last couple of days.  Why?  It itches.  I thought I had to have lice.  The more I thought of it, the more I itched.  I was getting consumed by the thought of it.  Brucee ran a brush through it and said he didn’t see anything so obviously they didn’t make me feel licefree.  Mick can’t see 3 feet in front of him so I didn’t bother to ask him.  My daughter’s away at school.  What do you do?  Call Mom.  She’s a professional lice and lice egg finder; afterall, I had lice (a louse and 100 eggs) back in the third grade.  She checked me good last night and said I was good.  No lice.  Phew!!  Maybe I have dandruff?!

Besides running, I haven’t done anything today besides watch DVR’d Ellen Degeneres, Chopped, and Teen Mom II episodes.

After cleaning up my act (shower), I’ll grab a fountain Pepsi on my way to work.  Perfecto!!


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