Stay Positive — That’s What They Say…

9 Feb

I love Free People clothing.  I can’t afford it but I do love it.  I have a couple of pieces that I scored on the sale rack but I can dream of getting more, right?  Somebody’s being cruel by sending me FP catalogs on a regular basis.  I love looking at catalogs and dreaming of purchasing everything in them. 

But, the catalogs are bad to look at right before heading to work.  I tend to think that I can dress like the models in the catalog.  Their outfits are crazy and mis-matchey.  Love it!!  I end up hodge-podging an outfit of my own.  I’m sure a lot of people don’t “get me” but, you know, I am what I am. 

My father in law’s still in ICU.  Two things are keeping him there.  One, he’s on a dialysis machine that runs round the clock.  They say it’s not dialysis but it certainly looks like it.  Supposedly it’s the same machine used to do dialysis but  it runs slowly around the clock vs the 3-5 hours that dialysis normally takes and the ICU nurses can run it.  The machine not only cleans his blood but pulls extra fluid off him.  His weight is down to 239 (he was admitted Friday, Feb 3rd weighing 280 lbs).  Yes, he lost 51 pounds in less than a week.  The nurse said he still has more fluid that needs to come out.   He looks crazy skinny now.  Another reason he remains in ICU is he has to take medicine that keeps his blood pressure up which is crazy because he used to take bp med’s to keep his bp down?! 

My FIL’s very sick.  I’m sure you get that.  He had an infection and they don’t know how he acquired it.  When we visit him, we have to wear gowns and rubber gloves.  I have to leave my purse and jacket out by the nurses’ station.  It seems like all his systems are shutting down or just out of sync.  I’m hoping that he starts to improve because I didn’t think he’d be in ICU this long.  It’s so scary. 

We get our reports from my FIL so I’m not sure how much of what he relays to us is accurate.  He said the kidney doctor says his kidneys still aren’t doing well.  He said the stomach doctor said his esophagus collapsed so once he gets through this serious stuff, they’re going to stick a balloon down his esophagus to open it back up.  He throws up some of what he eats (in front of me) but then reports to us and the doctors that he’s not throwing up.    It’s so confusing and frustrating.  I feel so bad for Mick.  He’s trying so hard to keep up this positive front.

Everyone is so kind with all the nice things they say.  Everyone’s praying for my FIL.  I’m surrounded by wonderful people.  What can I say?

I’m trying to keep motivated to run.  We had some decent weather for Michigan but it’s getting chilly again. 

And… My GD Garmin broke today.  It’s the Forerunner 405.  The bezel which normally responds to touch is playing dead.  I called Garmin and they couldn’t fix it over the phone.  They’re shipping me a new one but I was annoyed to find out that the one year warranty began back in June of 2011 even though this Garmin was a replacement I received in September 2011.

No run today.  I ran 11.22 miles yesterday (Garmin worked perfectly yesterday?!).  I’ve been doing the elliptical a lot this week (my broken down vintage elliptical that my sweet husband fixed – thanks Mick).  If I break it, I’m hoping I can get a replacement (I have an eye on my cousin’s used one).  I did the elliptical as follows this week:  Monday – 47 minutes, Tuesday – 55, tonight – 75.

I call myself a runner but I don’t really feel like one this week. I won’t be running tomorrow through Sunday because I’m going on a weekend Up North with the girls.  I’m been looking forward to it for a good month now.  Mick’s so sweet to let me go.  I’m sure I’ll drive him crazy by calling him 5x’s a day for status on his dad. 

2011 sucked and 2012 isn’t looking much better.


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