Shiny Boobs?

3 Feb

Mick’s not a morning person.  He never has been but that doesn’t stop me from trying to make him smile in the morning.  It’s like a job I gave myself.

Yesterday morning, he had had it.  He snapped, “why are you so chipper in the morning?”!  Sheesh!  I wasn’t surprised but why should that be a bad thing that I’m in a good mood in the morning.  What’s the alternative, right?  Nobody appreciates a smile and a kind word in the morning — I can’t help that.  I’m here to make the world happy.  Giggle giggle…

I discovered I don’t take care of my boots.  Thank goodness my boss turned me on to Kiwi Express Shine.  My boots must have made her cringe.  Check out these boots…

In this pic, I've only done the left boot. Don't worry. I did the other boot after I took the picture.

Uh-oh….  One of the supervisors, Steve, got pranked at work.  Someone was nice enough to wrap everything on his desk, including his chair.  We all got a chuckle from it.

Keyboard, mouse, name it. They got wrapped.

Guess what?  Today, I ran…outside.  Yesssss!

Once my boys were home from school, I ran 10.66 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:19.

It was 34 but felt like 30 degrees.  Crispy cold but nice for this time of year.


It’s going to be a late night.  Roo Dog has two late soccer games that are over an hour away from home.  I may be a morning person but I am definitely not a night owl.

Getting sleepy.  That’s bad…


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