Can’t Hit the Bong Just Yet…

1 Feb

Today was busy for me.  Thank goodness it was full of mostly “up’s”.

I worked late (4-8) so I had all morning to do my thing.

Took Brucee to get his dreaded braces at 8am.  He didn’t want a picture taken when he was done.  Very irritated.

You get to whack this sucker, the "bong", when you get your braces off. He can't wait until that day comes.

No "after" picture but here's a "during" picture.

After taking Brucee to get his braces, I came home to run in this unusually warm weather (for Michigan).  It was 37 degrees (felt like 31) so it wasn’t as warm as yesterday.  At 10:20am, I ran 13.89 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:41.  It was an okay run.  At the end, I was hurting.

As I limped up my driveway, I was thinking about the fact that I need to run twice of what I ran today in May for the Bayshore Marathon.  I’m too cheap to skip it.

I met up with Mick for a nice lunch in town.

I said that I saw Underworld yesterday.  Love me some vampires and lycans/werewolves.  Anyways, I chewed off my 2nd and 3rd nail because it was so suspenseful.


Comfy attire for work…

On my way home, I got a call from Brucee saying that something on his braces broke. Ahhh.  Shotty workmanship.  I’m pissed.  I’ll be calling those buttholes in the morning to complain.  So annoying.

Chow Chicks and Chaps…


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