Sore Tummy? No, Sore Gut…

26 Jan

I must secretly like to have anxiety.  I seek it out enough.

I’ve always said that I don’t like organized races.  I did my first half in Sept 2011 and my first full in Oct 2011.  I was freaked out for both from the time I signed up for them to the moment I crossed the finish line.  I feel like I did my best for both of them.  I really can’t see myself doing any better on my next 1/2 or full (this upsets me too).

I should just run for fun and stop signing up for races.  Too late.

In December 2011, I signed up for the Traverse City marathon which happens in May 2012.  I felt the pressure that it’d sell out and felt like I had to.  Dumb.  Whenever I tell someone that I signed up, they all reply the same, “whoa, that’s a hilly one”.  When they can see they’ve freaked me out, they quickly come back with, “but I heard it’s a really pretty run”.


So let’s see, I have four months to agonize about a run a don’t want to do.  I can’t imagine the training which should include at least 2-20 milers between now and then.  I can easily train with the occasional 13 and 15 milers but if I make myself feel that I’m required to do the big runs, I’m going to hate myself.

So anyways, I angst about the end of May once or twice a day.  So stupid.

To date, the most fun I’ve ever had during an organized race was the Whoville 5k.   I did it with my husband and three kids.  It was cold and icy but I had a blast.  We all did.

Earlier today, I got to wear my new Nine West platform booties.

It was NOT supposed to rain today.  It rained today.  SUcKsssss.  No run for Shelly.  I just wasn’t in the mood to run in crap.

About 6pm I was about to start freaking out because my stomach hurt so bad.



Just gas.

It’s all good.  I’m totally fine now.  No contagions radiating from me.  Everyone who came into contact with me today is going to be a-okay.




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