Treadmill 7.5 Miles….

23 Jan

I still Google Sherry Arnold’s name 3-4 times a day.  I’m obsessed.  I want there to be some good but I know her death is surrounded by evil.  It sickens me.  I can’t stay away.

Today started out warm.  All the snow melted over the night because of the unusually warm temperature and rain that happened throughout the night.  I thought, good, I’ll want to run outside since I thought the warmth would continue today.  Wrong…

I haven’t run outside since Friday because I’m so turned off by the cold.  The warm was short-lived.  The cold and strong, gusty winds rushed in by the afternoon.

I had to take Brucee to the orthodonist so by 3pm, I was not going outside.  Oh no.  What could that mean?

Proud of myself.  I got on the treadmill and ran 7.5 miles in one hour and nine minutes.  That’s the most I’ve ever run on the treadmill.

I decided (this weekend) I want an elliptical machine.  I had one years ago but after using it daily for about a year, the sucker broke on me.  It was by Nordic Track.  Nordic Track went out of business around the time my elliptical broke so that sucked.  They’re back in business but I’m not going near them.

I thought maybe it’d be cheaper to just join the gym but after looking at the gym closest to my home, I decided buying my own elliptical would be smarter than spending $40 a month.  I wouldn’t use the other stuff the gym has as I only want to use their elliptical….

I was at Dick’s Sporting Good’s looking at their ellipticals.  They ranged in price from $1000 to $1700.  I’m clueless on what to look for.  Who Girl said she’ll be a good judge.  She says she doesn’t like her apartment complex machines but she does like the ellipticals at her college’s gym.

Now I just need to talk Mick into it.  First of all, Mick doesn’t like to work hard for his $ and then have his good for nuthin’ wife waste it.  What?  That would be me.

Second, our workout room is full.  I’m not getting rid of the tanning bed because then I’d want to start tanning.

So, what this means is I need to talk Mick into letting me put my elliptical in the family room next to the big screen.  Yeah, right?  I’m just not thinking this is going to work out for me.


I’m breaking.  I’m sore everywhere.  I do quickly recover when I get to the mall.  Weird?!

Speaking of the Mall…   I scored this weekend.

I will not shop at Forever 21 by myself but I will go to support my 20-year-old daughter when she’s shopping there.  I try to act like I’m waiting for her but she keeps holding things up saying, “do you like this?”  or “I could totally see this on you”.  She’s trouble.  Embarrassingly, I have to say that I love Forever 21.  Can you say super-duper cheap?  Love that.  I got these black and gold jeans that look more like they belong on an ugly chair than my body but I snatched those suckers up.  They were so comfortable too.

$30 -- that's crazy, right?

Looking back at this last weekend, I realized THIS WEEKEND SUCKED.  It sucked for many reasons.  It was a combination of many things.

Anyways, I feel much better today.  In hopes that it’ll help, I’ve been good about sitting in front of my light box at work for about three hours a day in the morning.  I just set it up right in front of my computer monitor.  It confuses people.  They think I’m tanning.

Free App I’m liking on my Iphone right now is “Word Jewels” (and I think I said previously how I love “Seven Little Words” — it’s my favorite)

Another thought…  I read a blog where the person was saying how lovely it is to run or hike on the trails.  She talked about all the lovely things she hears and sees including an occasional mountain lion roaring in the distance.  WTH!!  That seriously scares the shiitake mushrooms out of me…

In closing…. (yes, I know I’m stupidly dragging this post out)  The episode of The Office from January 19th was the best.  Super funny stuff.


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