No Pictures, Please…

17 Jan

Huge, unpopable pimple on my right cheek.  Not happy.  It hurts.  No pictures, please.

Wasted day.

After work, I napped.  Watched TV.  Ate several times.  No run outside and definitely no treadmill.

Went and walked my mom’s dogs tonight at about 6:30.  Don’t get excited.  I don’t walk them far.  Stayed and talked with her for three hours.  I could have stayed longer but I realized I was just lingering, like the pimple on my cheek.

My mom and I went through speech therapy tonight.  My sister texted me while I was at my mom’s and told me how my mom says a lot of things wrong.  Umm, I do too.  I got some gene from my mom and Marla got the good pronunciation gene from my dad.

Quinoa == not Quinn-no-a.  It’s pronounced Keen-wa

Pinterest == not Pin Interest.  It’s Pinterest (easier said than done…..actually…it’s not easy)

My mom was not allowed to purchase quinoa until she could say it properly.  My mom’s a good sport.  I say it all the time.

Marla and her husband love their dog, Chloe…a lot.  Marla sent me this picture tonight and said not to make fun.  Umm, how could I not?  Can you say vulva?  Huge vulva?

It's actually Chloe's skin in a very weird angle.


Like me, my mom follows a lot of blogs.  I thought she just followed craft blogs but she showed me a blog of a little boy named Tripp.  Tripp died of a horrible disease on 1/14/2012.  The disease is called Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, EB for short.  My mom turned me on to Tripp and I’ve been reading about his final days for the last couple of months.  Poor little sweetheart.

There are a ton of children suffering with EB.  It’s horrible stuff these children suffer through.  Here’s an explanation of EB from Trisha Knuth (mother to Charlie):

Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa.  This disease occurs because of a missing  protein that binds the two layers of skin together.  The slightest  bump or rub will cause skin to blister and fall off revealing wounds  similar to 2nd and 3rd degree burns.  Even the inside of the body  is affected.  Children endure extreme pain daily.  Dressing  changes and baths take up to 5 hours.  Eyeballs can blister causing painful corneal erosions and days spent in the dark.  Hands and  feet fuse making mitten deformities.  Blisters in the throat cause  strictures making it almost impossible to eat and possibly cutting off  the airway.  If a person does not succumb to infection…a severe  form of Squamous Cell Carcinoma will develop and take the life.

Trisha and her family adopted Charlie and are about to adopt another child, Seth, who has EB as well.  Before they can take him into their loving home, they need to prepare their home first.  They can’t do it themselves so they’re asking for our help.  Please read up on Seth and Charlie and consider donating.

I’m going to end my night by watching, Big Love, season 5.  Might as well be consistent with my laziness, right?


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