12 Jan
OMG indeed!  I was able to form a ponytail with my short hair.

Okay, so it’s not that big of a deal.

It made me happy though.  I have to enjoy all the little joys I can, right?

When I get up in the morning, my husband, Mick’s typically still trying to get more shut-eye.  If he’s lucky, I leave him alone.  Most mornings, I have something I like to share with him.  Today, I shouted out that I created a ponytail.  He’s a good sport.  Half asleep, he responded with, “a big one or a small one”?  Huh?  Did he forget what I looked like?!  Silly man.

No one at work was impressed…

Because today was the start of the big sidewalk sale at my favorite running store, I couldn’t wait for noon to come.

I needed shoes.  I’m mad at my Mizunos.  The insides were ripping out and they were hurting me in a couple of spots (right knee, right ankle).

I made it to the store and got all kinds of good deals which included new shoes.  When I entered the store, I was approached by a sales associate who asked what type of shoe I was looking for.  I’m silly, I pick out shampoo based on smell, cars based on the cup holders, and my running shoes based on color.  As far as the color goes, the more obnoxious the better.  The sales guy laughed at me, of course, and showed me a high heel Tom’s shoe.  Ha… Funny guy.

I ended up getting the Progrid Mirage by Saucony that looks very similar to the Mizunos I’ve been running in for the last the couple of months.  So boring.

Old on the left. New $75 Saucony's on the right.

Cold, wet, basically cruddy outside.  I didn’t want to wear my new shoes, for the first time, on a crap day so I took it to the treadmill.

I banged out ran 7.1 miles in 1:06 hours.  I run slower on the treadmill so 6.5 mph is the speed I ran at.


For me, it’s easier to look stupid. Trying to look pretty is exhausting.


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