I Want A Redo!

11 Jan

Today was a wasted day.  I want a redo.

I had the morning off since I work the late shift every Wednesday now.  The late shift is from 4pm to 8pm.  No big whoop.  Nice to mix things up is the approach I’m trying to take.

Working late means that I get the house and the animals all to myself for most of the day.  It also means I need to be productive.  I’m rarely productive.  Running was out of the question since I was sore from yesterday’s 11 miler.  I wasted the day away which is something I typically do.  My day consisted of my watching reality TV (Jersey Shore and Teen Mom 2), eating last night’s leftovers (which consisted of 3 servings of loaded baked potato) and vacuuming the living room floor.

I could have done a lot of cleaning and even though running was out, I could have taken a long walk with the dog.  Pfffft!  I suck.

Random Cruise picture……

Mick trying to see if he can destroy his back by stacking children (14 and a 20-year-old) in St. Thomas.

I didn’t have a dinner planned so I ate from the vending machines at work.  Disgusting.  I chose brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts and a bottle of Pepsi.  I pushed the wrong button on the vending machine when trying to get Twizzlers.  Instead of Twizzlers, I got a Graham cracker-chocolate-marshmellow bar (I ate it and it was gross).  I ran out of change so no Twizzlers for Shelly.  For punishment, I burned my finger on the pop tarts by sticking my finger in the hot frosting when pulling them from the toaster oven — Brainiac…I know.   It was punishment for eating all that junk.

I came home to cold McDonalds french fries (Mick fed the boys junk too) in the microwave.  Ate those along with a bowl of Frosted Flakes.  I luurv Frosted Flakes.

I need a redo, really I do.

To end this poopy day, I’m going to bed watching the movie, “Sarah’s Key“.  I like World War II movies.


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