Should I Run With Pepper Spray Or A Taser?

10 Jan

So, I was sitting around hating on Casey Anthony since somehow, magically, a video diary of hers got leaked out on Youtube.

After that, I decided to pick at my toes and fingers until they were sore.

I decided I hate my Mizuno's so I'm wearing my old Adidas. The Mizuno's hurt the outside of my right ankle. The old Adidas are probably going to cause a new problem area.

I realized I was just procrastinating (again) and finally got some shorts on for a run.  Yep, I said it, I wore shorts in Michigan on January 10th.  That’s some crazy shitola, eh?

By the end of my 11.07 mile run, I was so cold (the sun was setting).  I ran an average mile/minute of 8:08 which is pretty good for me.  I found myself paranoid most of the run because I’ve been following SUAR’s blog.  SUAR’s cousin is missing.  She went out for a run Saturday morning and hasn’t been seen since.  The only clue left behind is one of her shoes.  I can’t stop thinking about her.  I hope she’s okay.

My little sis has asked me a couple of times in the past if I ever get scared when I run.  Scared that someone could kidnap me.  Honestly, no.  I can be a naive ding-a-ling though.  I’ve always felt safe.  I bet you that SUAR’s cousin felt safe too….

Maybe I should run with a Taser or something?!

I had to go back to work today.

I wore a summer dress.  Silly, I know.

You know I just love these damn boots!! I can't get enough of them.

Instead of bombarding everyone with boring cruise pictures.  I’ll just post one or two at a time.

My darling sons...

Brucee liked wearing his “I’m On a Boat” shirt during our cruise.  You may or may not know it but the shirt is titled “I’m On A Boat” after a silly video.  The video’s nothing new but it still cracks me up.  You can find it on Funny or Die .


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