Weiner Dog…

27 Dec

It happens a lot.  I drive too fast down my curvy driveway and fall over the side.  Thank goodness we only got a few inches of snow which meant I could maneuver out of lawn back on to the driveway without having to call Mick for help.  I hate bugging him.  He gets so grumpy.  I get a lecture every time.

After spending a lovely four hours at work, I returned home to lay on the couch and watch mindless TV.

No run.  My hip was sore.  Hopefully tomorrow.

I was looking forward to tonight for a few weeks.  My aunt, uncle, cousin and cousin’s son were up visiting from Myrtle Beach.  We got together at my cousin Sarah’s for a Mexican fiesta.

We stayed late.  I bet she and her husband, Keith, thought we’d never leave.

They just happened to be babysitting a weiner dog named Rocky.  Rocky was the sweetest weiner dog I’ve ever met.

I used to be so scared of weiner dogs.  When I was seven, I was walking down the street and a weiner came running out and ran circles while barking at me.  I thought I was going to die.  Matter of fact, I almost peed my pants.  Rocky never would have done that.  I wanted to steal him.

Roo and a weiner dog.

Who holding my cousin's son.

Brucee in the background. My niece holding my cousin's daughter.

All the little skids.


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