We Survived!!

26 Dec

At 3:06pm, I ran 10.86 miles.  It was pretty out.  It was sunny and 43 degrees (felt like 37).  My average mile/minute was 8:21.

Before my run, I felt like drinking some Razz Lemonade Buzzerk in hopes that it’d give me a ton of energy.  It tasted like crap.


I wrote this on the top because I don't like to share.

Yes, we survived.  Meijer, the 24-hour grocery store, closes every year for Christmas.  Instead of being totally focused on my loved ones, I get really edgy on Christmas Eve because I know at 6pm, Meijer will lock their doors for 36 hours.  Actually, it makes me a little crazy.  It feels like the world’s ending.  It’s so strange when you drive by Meijer and it’s completely dark and there are zero cars in the parking lot.  Just for sh*ts and giggles, I want to run up and bang on the doors and yell, “ARE YOU OPEN?  HEY! HEY! ARE YOU OPEN?”.  I’d look like a crazy lady but I’m okay with that.

Well, the sun came up today and I could feel a relief wash over me because I knew Meijer reopened this morning.  You won’t see me jumping in my car to go there because I simply don’t need anything.  I just hate, hate, hate it when they close.  Peculiar behavior, eh?

So, I’ve said before but my family (the 5 of us) all agreed that we wanted to skip the gift giving this year so we could go on a cruise.  I was loving it.  I didn’t have to rack my brain trying to figure out what to get my sons other than stupid video games.  I have minimums to meet and Who Girl is so easy to shop for (I just pretend like I’m buying for myself).  If I buy the boys clothes, they won’t wear them because even though my boys have nice clothes, they rotate between 3 stupid outfits everyday (idiots).  I end up buying winter coats and functional boring stuff for my sons because video games are STUPID.

Plus, another bonus this year was I didn’t have to hide gifts (before I wrapped them) and I didn’t have to wrap anything.  Mick’s a hard one too.  He won’t tell me what he wants and I don’t have a creative brain so I end up buying him the same boring things every year.  This year, I WAS OFF THE HOOK.  YAY ME!!

Well, Monday before Christmas, a horrible guilt came over me.  I hate feeling guilty.  Sucks!  Mick said, “go ahead and just stuff their stockings.  Oh, and it’s okay to wrap a few gifts for them”.  So, like an ass, I went back on my word.  Because I wasn’t going through it alone, I dragged an unwilling Mick with me and we powershopped Tuesday night.

Yesterday morning, Santa had come to our house and the kids were totally not prepared for it.  They received video games, perfume, shoes, a sweatshirt, Itune cards, and running clothes.  I think everyone was happy and I didn’t overdo it.  GO SHELLY!

I wish I had the self-control to spend $ like I did this year in the future years because that’s how it’s supposed to be.  They don’t need to open a million gifts.  I waste soooo much $$ every year.  That $$ definitely belongs elsewhere.

So yesterday exhausted me.  We went Mick’s side of the family at 1pm and we went to my side of the family at 6pm.  I ate too much.  I think I crashed in bed at 9:30pm

This week should be an easy one because I only have to work Tuesday and Wednesday.  The time that I am home I’ll have to concentrate really hard on not screaming at my two boys.  They make me crazy.  Boys are so physical.  I always feel like they’re going to break something.  I don’t really have anything valuable but I still don’t like to replace my sh*t.  And, they eat all day.  My sink fills up with dirty, stinky dishes.  I wish their friends would invite them over so I can be alone with my animals.  Ohh, I guess I need to keep an eye on that.  I don’t want to be some lonely “animal lady”.  Who Girl’s got a life and so she’s off here and there and I don’t get to see her a lot.  If she’s home, it seems like she’s sleeping.

This week will also be about trying to avoid the stores.  We don’t need anything so I can’t let the sales pull me in.


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