I Danced All Night Long…

24 Dec

Up and running at 10:30am.  I ran 14.71 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:28.  It was sunny and crisp out at 30 degrees.

Yes, I danced all night long and it was NOT pretty.

The Who couldn’t stay away.  She was mesmerized by my moves.  She just sat there shaking her head (in between texting her boyfriend and cruising the internet).

I couldn’t help myself.  I was drinking Mai Tai’s.  There was really good music blaring and I was being encouraged by multiple people.  These are all things that make “lookin’ a fool” impossible to avoid.

I We had lots of fun. It snowed all night long.   M and T’s house was very festive.  My favorite Christmas movies were playing on the TV (Grinch and A Christmas Story) even though you couldn’t hear them.

I always screw things up and these last few days were no exception.  I had things scheduled on wrong nights in my mind so we had to squish two get togethers in last night.  Before I shook my tail feather, we had my father-in-law over for dinner.

We proceeded to our friends house about 7:30pm.  Can you say “RUSHED”?  I felt really bad saying goodbye to Mick’s dad but he was feeling a little sick which happened before he saw the dinner I made.  Who Girl and I made ham with a crusty sugary crust, mashed potatoes and spinach salad.

I took about 5 minutes out to take a bunch of pictures because I was having too much fun perfecting my moves (NOT CAUGHT ON FILM…I hope).  These pic’s are not my best work…

Mick = vest

Roo (in his holiday wear) did NOT authorize this picture...

Who patiently waiting to drive us all home...

Clowns, I mean, friends.

Mick and his vest....again.

So serious...

Innocent "man on man" molestation...

Now we have a get together at the township hall for all of my mom’s and dad’s families.  Can’t wait!!


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