3 Ding-A-Lings…

22 Dec

I’ve already said it.  I really liked the movie, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I really loved Lisbeth’s silver jewelry.  I’m not referring to her body piercings (even though I have no problems with body piercings since I sport a few myself now and many in the past).  I loved her clothes (I have “emo” tendencies).  I have to admit that I like her bleached eyebrows too.  I wish I could ride control a motorcycle…

I had today off work.  My daughter and I went to my mom’s to walk her dogs.  My mom’s probably going to get surgery since she has tears/breaks due to a fall in October so she’s not very mobile right now.  The Who and I took my mom grocery shopping.  My mom’s such a good sport because we had to push her around in a cart.

I sent a picture of her to my sister who said to make sure my mom didn’t chew on the shopping cart handle (very unsanitary).  Thank goodness it was never an issue.

Usually I can scam a nap when Mick’s at work but I forgot he was coming home early today to do open basketball at the gym for Brucee’s basketball team.  I heard Mick’s diesel pull up the driveway so I jumped from my bed.  I quickly neatened up the bed and ran to the kitchen as if I was busy working.  He took one look at me and said, “were you taking a nap?”.  BALLS!  I can’t lie either.  I was caught.  He just rolls his eyes.

Is it “Three Ding-a-ling Circus” or “Three Ring Circus”?  I forget.  Who, Sophee and I did the Ding-a-ling version today.  At 3:15pm, we ran 3.75 miles (8:22 average minute/mile).  Actually, Sophee cheated.  She didn’t make it halfway before jumping in Mick’s truck who just happened to be coming by with Brucee on their way home.

Tonight we’re going to dinner at my brother and sister-in-law’s.  My great-nephew will be there.

I love the holidays.  Hope everyone has a great night.


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