Nobody Likes To Look Stupid. I Don’t Mind It…

19 Dec

I borrowed Who Girl’s Anthropologie jacket.

Things flowed so much nicer than normal this morning.  Everyone was at home sound asleep because they were all on Christmas vacation.  The downside is, while I’m away at work, the kitchen sink was filling up with tons of dirty dishes.  At least they feed themselves, right?

Being the kids are on vacation, I didn’t have to run them here and there.  All the interruptions make it hard to get a long run in on weekdays so I took advantage today.

Nobody likes to look stupid. I don't mind it...

At 1:16pm, I ran 12.69 miles.  It was 47 degrees (felt like 40).  I multi-tasked.  I ran an errand for my mom by stopping and picking up something for her.  I carried it in my pocket.  I saved gas, yeah!  I’m a messenger… maybe?

Funny, because when I started down the road, I ran into someone who “hates” running.  It was my daughter, Who Girl.   She’s naturally a good runner so it’s nice to see her running.

Who Girl at the Whoville 5k. She was smiling at me but the photographer took her picture.

Last night, I finished the fifth season of Dexter.  I managed to watch the whole season in three days.

While everyone was enjoying Fear Factor, I was tackling the huge pile of laundry that needed to be folded.  No worries.  Bella helped…


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