Black Ice And Goose Poop…

18 Dec

Whoville 5k YA ALL!!!! (Pretend like I’m shoutin’ this at cha)

I get so annoyed with myself when I try to back out of things.  This last week, on and off, I kept thinking there was no reason to go to the Whoville 5k.  Afterall, Who Girl picked up our Patagonia race shirts last Sunday, no time-chips or bibs, and NO CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN (the organizers realized it was unrealistic to have the fountain in this cold Michigan weather).

REASONS TO FOLLOW THROUGH…First of all, everyone else was on board so it would have been a hard sell to get them to back out as well.  Two, I saw people commenting their disappointment that the race participants were cut off at 600.  I realized I was lucky to get in on this race.  Thirdly, it’s not a good example to show your kids that backing out is acceptable.    Plus, and most importantly, it was benefiting the Wounded Warriors Project. 

So, anyWHO, up at 6:30 and on the road at 7am.  Arrived in Grand Rapids 40 minutes early but we hung out in the car for a little bit because it was 27 degrees.  It was crispy cold.

By 8:40, we got brave enough to walk into the park.  I knew there’d be trouble when Who Girl pulled a cartoon slip/run in place on some black ice (you could hear the cartoon sing-song sound when she did it — funny).  No snow, but plenty of black ice.  Oh golly.  I was nervous but ONLY because I was sure one of us was going to fall and break their butt.

My family...

I ran into some coworkers.  I neglected to get pictures of Brenda and Letha but I did get pictures of my boss and her husband.

My boss and her husband.

A lot of people dressed up.  It was fun to see them all.

Buddy the Elf and Cindy Lou...

Buddy the Elf was my favorite.  I swear he was like 7 foot tall.  The back of his panty hose (stretched out like lady panty hose) were disturbing or hilarious, depending on if you have a sick mind like mine or not…

At first, I thought the race organizers screwed up the 3.1 miles because my Garmin registered 2.97 miles?!  BUT, I think that was due to user error.  I had my watch already to go before 9am and it must have timed out so I was fiddling with it after I crossed the starting line which meant it ended up being started late.  Either way, my Garmin showed I ran 2.97 miles in 23:14 minutes (7:49 average).

There was tons of goose poop.  Some was nice and flat and some were still big, fresh turds.  Because the race was not timed, everybody seemed to be having more fun then the other races I’ve been to.  People were laughing.  There was lots of talking and people were a lot more relaxed than normal.  Thing One threw snowballs at Who and Roo.  The Grinch was running around taunting people.  He ran by and gave both Brucee and I high-five.  Actually, he almost knocked me off my feet because he smacked me pretty hard.

Roo Dog is too cool for school.

Mick = no heel strike.

Not the official Thing One and Thing Two. Just dressed up runners.

Brucee, 14

After the race.

After the run, we went in the big tent for hot cocoa and treats.  There were lots of people so I was good and only got one treat.

Sparkly in the tent.

Lots of goodies that had been dipped in chocolate.

My only regret was not bringing Sophee Girl.   There were so many dogs so our golden retriever would have loved being there.  Problem is, she sucks on a leash.  None of us would have wanted to be in charge of her.  Mick would have gotten stuck with her and probably would lost his footing and fell.

After the run, we stopped at IHOP on the way back home.  Brucee resembled Wolverine from Xmen, true?

IHOP's version of Wolverine.

We all really like the Patagonia shirts from the race.  The men’s shirts were a taupe and the women’s were a two toned rose/red.

Oh, and two last words to end the night……JAMES BOND


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