H’Orderves OR Hor D’Oeuvres? That’s The Question…

15 Dec

Boing!!!  Out of bed and off to work.

Wore a Free People top with some Seven For all Mankind jeans (purchased off Ebay = score).

Look up my nose. What do you see?

Please excuse my bad feet.  Sorry.  I need a frickin’ pedi.

$10 shoes from Mexico. Like the puffy puffs?

After I took the first picture, I ironed the sh*t out of that shirt.  I hate to iron and I NEVER do it.  I skip it when it shan’t be skipped but not today…oh no, not today.  It had to be done.  And, let me just say that people would cringe if they saw me iron.  I have no skills.

Today was one of those days where I felt like I needed to go back and forth, back and forth, to run this errand or pick up one of boys from school.  Because I didn’t have the time, I ran on the treadmill.  Running on the treadmill seems to take forever and I feel like I don’t go anywhere.  Ha, no, I mean I feel like I don’t accumulate a good distance like I do outside.

I ran 6 miles with average miles of about 10 minutes each according to the Sole TM.

I just went to my work holiday party last Saturday with Mick.  It was fun but my shoes killed my feet (it’ll take a long to forget that pain).

Tonight, department heads and Executive threw another celebratory party for our telephone service center because we got a bunch of awards for our service.  Before I went, I played around with my hair and makeup (Kat Von D liquid blue eyeliner and Mac red lipstick).  I didn’t mean to match my lips to my shoes.  It just happened.

They had beer, wine, soft drinks and water along with heavy h’orderves (hor d’oeuvres?!).  I’m new to wine.  I think it all tastes like crap.  I had a glass of some kind of blush.  I liked it.  I went for a second glass and they were out of the blush so I tried some really dry red wine (that along with beer is all they had left and I HATE beer).  Blech!!  I only drank 1/2 of it.  I didn’t take note of the names of the h’orderves but some were sliced tuna, prime rib, scallops wrapped in bacon, shish kabob type things, shrimp cocktail, dips, desserts.  There were tons.  It was so awesome.  I hesitated eating anything because I tend to collect a lot in between my teeth and once that happens, you can’t smile at anyone.

Beautiful night with all the lights. Picture doesn't do it justice.

Ice sculpture. I did not lick it. 1. Work Function 2. Chemicals in it that shouldn't be ingested.

A lot of people didn't come. Here are some of my associates.

It was supposed to end at 8:30 but I stayed past my welcome (approximately 9:20pm).  Some of my associates went on to surrounding bars but I like to go to bed early so I went straight home.

It was 52 degrees this morning and tonight it was 34 degrees (felt like 22) by the time I got home.  Flurries.


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