To Post Or Not To Post?!

13 Dec

If you’ve procrastinated all day and you’re tired, do you post a half-ass post or do you skip it for that day?  I told myself that I need to try to post daily so I’m going give it a go.

I don’t have a GTL (Gym Tan Laundry) plan like the Jersey Shore cast but if I did have an acronym to describe my daily schedule, it’d go something like WESERE (Work Eat Sleep Eat Run Eat)?  It sounds bad except for the work and run part.  What can I say?  I like to eat…a lot…

New outfit from Express.  Peach jeans.  Who would of thunk it?  So 80’s…

I know. I wear these boots a lot. I love them (Nine West).

Today, I skipped the run.  I’m hoping to do a long one tomorrow…

Kids!!  They always interrupt my nap.  I had to pick up a couple of them today and I wasn’t about to get dressed up to do it….

Total turd. Take me as I am.

Tonight I hung out at my mom’s.  I finally tried some baked kale covered in olive oil and soy sauce.  It was pretty good fresh out of the oven.  I don’t think I’d like it if it were cooled.

RANDOM…James Bond can do anything according to my husband.  Mick worships JB.


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