Hatin’ On My Shoes

11 Dec

Bitch and moan.  Bitch and moan.  That’s all I do sometimes.

I have a cold and it’s bringing me down man…

I slept all day today

Last night was my holiday party.   I was really looking forward to it but it was kind of lame.  I didn’t take many pictures because there wasn’t much to take pictures of.

Mick and I...

Gingerbread house display. They have it there every year. We always check it out.

My $15 Bar III dress worked out nicely even if the double-stick tape did not.  It lost its stickiness within hour and it was a pain to put on.

Took this pic when I got home.

Took my shoes off in the car and I wasn't putting them back on for a picture. I HATE them.

My cheap JCPenney shoes were cheap.  I hated them by the end of the night.

We were home by 11:10pm and it would have been earlier if Mick wouldn’t have gone to 3 places looking for food first.  Everything was closed.  Mick was nice and picked up some Nyquil from the gas station on our way home.  I’m sure he offered because he feared he wasn’t going to get any sleep from my coughing.

I slept all day today.  This isn’t a horrible cold but I don’t feel good.  Hopefully tomorrow’s better.

Oh, I did manage to get some shopping in today.  Look at all my new goodies…


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