Mouth Breather…

9 Dec

Not a good sign when you wake up and can only breathe out of one nostril.  I’m not in the mood to be sick.  Doesn’t my body know this?

Went to work in a daring, crazy contraption of an outfit.  Tried to stay hidden at my desk so management wouldn’t complain that my outfit was too “hoochie”.

The Enzo Angiolini boots were bizarre.  They weren’t leather.  And when I pulled them on, they got brown dye/gunk all over my hands.  I’ve never had any kind of footwear do that before.  They were less than 10 years old.  Took them off and threw them in the trash when I got home.  Mick was home eating lunch and said, “Don’t do that.  I like those”.  So, I fetched them back out (and I make fun of the “dumpster diver” at my work?!).  I took a second look thinking I was being rash and decided it was best that they be retired.  Gone.  They’re gone.

Popped some sinus pills and laid down in hopes I’d feel better.

My plan is to never leave the car.

Roo's always so happy to see me.

On my way to pick up Roo Dog from school, I mixed up a little concoction to help me feel bedda.  It’s Airborne (orange) and Buzzerk (pink lemonade) from Complete Nutrition.  It tasted gross.


This is no joke.  I really wore this for my run…

Running Ninja? No, more like Runny Nose Loser...

I looked like a burglar.  I thought I’d get things thrown at me by passing cars.

At 3:02pm, I ran 8.78 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:45.  I felt like I was barely moving and I guess that was true because I was slower than my usual.  No music (I don’t like the headphones in when I wear hats).

It was cold which explains why I wearing so many clothes.  It was 28 degrees but felt like 19.  With all my layers, the cold wind went right through me at times.

RANDOM…I purchased a new song today.  It’s called, “Brand New Key” by Melanie.  I heard it on Jackass 3D and I just loved it.  Cute little ditty.

Mick played poker tonight so the boys and I went and saw the movie, “The Sitter“.

Came home feeling like crapola.  Looks like I’m going to be a “mouth breather” tonight.


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