It’s SNOT Ladylike….

8 Dec

I talk a lot.  It’s not a secret.  I know Mick thinks it.  I figure this blog is like my imaginary friend.  That’s pathetic, huh?  I can talk and talk and you can read or just browse elsewhere.

I never thought I’d be “that kind of person”.  I never thought I’d press one nostril while blowing snot out of the other.  Gross.  TMI.  It’s not ladylike.  I know this.  BUT, it’s necessary.

I don’t have a cold but as I’m running in the cold, my nose gets stuffed up and I keep sniffing and sniffing and sniffing and sniffing.  It’s so annoying so when there’s no cars around, I do the dirty nostril blow.  What a scum.  I thought I was getting better with age but this is definitely the exception.  I promise my next move will not be chewing tobacco.

My plan is to run regardless of the what Mother Nature throws at us.  If there’s not a thunder/lightning storm, then I need to get my ass out there huffing and puffing.  I dread the treadmill so it’s what needs to be done.

I feel a little guilty because I skipped Brucee’s basketball game so I could run today.  It was an away game and Brucee said it’d be alright.  All he really cared about was that they were stopping at Wendy’s on the way home so everything was golden.

At 3:28pm, I started my run.  Before I got out the door, I put a bunch of mismatched clothes on so I wouldn’t get cold.  I need to remind myself it’s not about being fashionable.

Two shirts, two pairs of pants...

It’s so hard to talk yourself into a run out in the cold when you’re cold in your house.

I ended up running 11.16 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:18.  No music.  It’s normal for me to have achiness when it’s cold.  At 32 degrees (felt like 26), I was hurting.  It wasn’t too awful but I had additional pain in my right ankle as well (shoes, dome shape of the road, always running on the left side?!).  And, to top it off, I chafed under my boobs from my exercise bra.

When I finally made it home, I practically limped up my driveway.  I’m sure my neighbors were snickering as how pathetic I look.  They’re probably thinking, “she thinks she a runner but look at her….”.

I thought I found drug paraphernalia.

No, I didn’t. For half a second, I thought I was going to have to send him to boot camp like I always threatened.  Turned out the “pipe” I thought I found was a Bic holder of extra lead/erasers.

Whoa!  I almost forgot to mention what I wore to work this morning.  What would the world do without this?

You wouldn't know it by looking at me but I was doing a Lady Gaga move in her video, Judas.

I wore AE skinnies, Banana Republic blouse, J Crew sweater and Nine West boots.  I was super comfy in this outfit.  I cleaned one toilet wearing this outfit.  That was random, I know.  The plumber was coming and there was no need to clean all the toilets when he was just fixing one, right?

Guess what?  Fear Factor’s coming back on TV.  Yes, I like that show.  Crazy stuff.

I now have double stick tape so I’m ready for my holiday party on Saturday.  Now I can get wasted and trip and not worry about the girls slipping out.  Yippee.


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