Downer Day…

7 Dec

Today was a blah day.  I wasn’t productive.  I did a lot of running around (not the kind of running I usually like to do) but nothing flowed so I felt like I was driving back and forth from my house over and over again.  It was a big gas-guzzler type of day.

I never had time to run.

That’s a lie.

I could have run on the treadmill but I didn’t have time to do that until 8pm tonight.  At 8pm, my belly was still busting from the nasty Mexican food I ate with Roo, my sister and her daughter, K.

This morning, I wore jeans and a cute keyhole shirt from J Crew.  Who Girl had me buy these crazy earrings.

They make me feel like I have more hair, like extensions or something.

Moda slingback pumps…

Today was Sophee’s day.  She needed to get her “hair did”.

And, she was badly needing a pedi.  Check out her Whoville paws.

Mar ve lous!!

This Santa and the North Pole mailbox have been set up every year around the holidays for years.

Now I just need to get a tree up and decorated.  I’m just not in the mood for the mess.   I know that’s terrible to say…


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