What Happened To Peanuts?

6 Dec

Charlie Brown Christmas….

My sisters and I so looked forward to this TV special every year at Christmas time.  I seriously thought it was awesome.  I couldn’t wait til the day came and I could share it with my own kids.

That day came when Who girl was about 4 or 5 years old.  I sat her down to watch it.  She didn’t get it.  She didn’t appreciate it.  And when I watched it with her (pretty much had to hold her down) I realized it was pretty lame.  I feel a little bad for saying that but it’s true.  It’s especially true now when we have Elf, Polar Express, Grinch and A Christmas Story (“You’ll shoot your eye out!!”)…  Times change…

Times really change.  I remember thinking we were “the shit” because we had a Commodore 64 computer.  My mom loved playing Q-Bert (bonk, bonk, bonk…).

She was amazing at it so she’d tell us to leave her alone (after all, she made it to a really high level and was on a roll).  We love teasing her with that story (she’s a good sport).

I loved Q-Bert too but I also liked playing the Lemonade game.  You had a lemonade stand.  Based on the weather prediction and your money supply, you had to predict how much sugar, lemons and cups you’d need.   You named a price and then you watched while people came to your stand and purchased.  I love a productive day at the lemonade stand.  Before my dad bought the computer, we would play outside all day with our neighborhood friends.  We’d come home for dinner.  I’m sure there were days we skipped lunch.  I’m not sure how we survived the whole day with no fluids or food.  My sisters and I were so skinny and I guess that makes sense considering how active we were.

Getting back to reality, I’ll share with you what I normally share which what I wore today to work.  I wore my AE jeans, Banana Republic sweater and Aerosoles shoes.

At 2:55pm, I started my run. 

I froze….my…..ass…..off.  I don’t know why I thought I’d be warm enough but I wasn’t.  It was 32 degrees (but felt like 27).  I should have had gloves and mittens.  Big mistake.  I ran 12.16 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:29.  By the time I limped up my driveway, my entire face was numb.  I think I now know what it’d feel like it I had Botox injections all over my face.  I’m sure I looked funny.  I bet my face drooped.   I couldn’t talk.  Too bad no one got to enjoy it because I softened up once I made it in the house.

I went to the Mall immediately after (put a whole wheat frozen lasagna in the convection oven for my boys).  First, I freshened up with a couple sprays of toilet water.  That’s just how I roll.  I’m not looking for a man so who cares?

I found some shoes to go with my dress at JCPenney.  I normally hate that store but I was stuck between shoes that I thought looked too cheap and shoes that were too expensive.  I’d find a pair of shoes but realized that I would probably only wear them once which wasn’t working for me.  I’m thrifty.

Our Mall is a very sad place.  You need to travel to Novi, MI to get the decent stores.  Our stores suck a**.  Look at this sign posted outside this import store.  Junk!!

Too bad I didn’t need to replace my swords.  What a great sale!!

Movin’ on to the next wonderful store.  I feel bad now that I’m not buying Christmas gifts to exchange this year.  Look at all the glorious blankets…

Serious.  The whole store was cheap, stadium blankets.  WTH!!


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