Inappropriate.. Who? Me?

5 Dec

Am I inappropriate?  No, geez…  Ask Who Girl’s (my daughter) boyfriend, Deegs.  No, actually, don’t ask him.  He’ll just say I’m inappropriate.

Who Girl and Deegs...

I will admit that I have said inappropriate things in the past but I’m not an inappropriate person.  Pleassseee…. It’s bound to happen when my “filter” falls off.  I’m just trying to be funny and something comes out (no, not gas).

Personally, I think some people just need to loosen up, right?  Let’s just laugh and be merry.  Shall we?


I drank too much last night.  It wasn’t a problem because I don’t do it very often.  Who Girl had to leave me and go back to her apartment (for school).  When she gave me my good bye hug, she whispered in my ear, “remember, just one glass a night”….  What?  Who’s the mom?  I know.  I am.

Woke up today like it was any other day.  Look Mom!! No headache….  SCORE!!

I developed a headache by 8:30am after drinking just 2 cups of coffee.  When the heck am I going to get used to that sh*t?  I think my agents (I’m a service/informational rep to financial reps at a company that cannot be named — TOP SECRET) like me on my speed coffee trips because I’m smarter (I think).  I answer their questions so quickly (I can’t help it if they can’t keep up….).

I realize now that I had the tank top on backwards but I still like it better (website shows the correct way).

Wore my favorite Guess boots. Don’t worry, I brought my Ed Hardy tennies to wear to and from work (so I can run like the wind to and from my car).  I also wore my new Free People bracelets, sweater and tank top.

FP bracelet trio...

My work holiday party is Saturday (5 days).  Preparations have begun.  My dress is at the cleaners.  I still need to find some rockin’ heels to go with it.  I found some at DSW but $60 for a one time wear is kind of outrageous for someone like me.  If I can’t think of anything else with what I already own, I’ll probably go back and get them.  I guess I could always wear them with a short jean skirt and a tube top….Kidding…..Really.

Off to watch Polar Express….


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