Who’s With Me?

4 Dec

I yelled out, “Who’s with me?” and they either ignored me or said, “not me”.  I needed help motivating myself and the family was not helping.  I ended up running at 4:21pm (all by my lonesome).  I kept fighting it all day.  I kept reasoning that it was okay to skip today.  Afterall, my knee and my hip hurt (I don’t ice or stretch properly).  Plus, I ran 11.75 yesterday so I was set until tomorrow, right?

Except I have so much to do tomorrow.   Then the time constraints got to me.  Knowing I have limited time motivates me to run.  It was almost 4:30 and it gets dark as early as 5pm.  I would have to wear my new head light/lamp if I was going to run in the dark and I wasn’t brave enough to wear that thing yet (I like looking like a doofus but not tonight).  I knew I could handle running around the block once which is 3.52 miles.  I ran with an average mile/minute of 8:01.  Not bad…for me.

Total doodle head...

It was nice out at 48 degrees (felt like 44).  It was sprinkling but it felt good.


Let’s backtrack.  I was supposed to wake up early this morning to go to breakfast and church with my mama.  I thought I snoozed the alarm but I actually turned it off by mistake.  Thank goodness I woke up in time (at the last minute) to grab my grammy and get her to breakfast.  Heaved her up in the SUV and met up with my mom and my daughter in the nick of time.  We have strict meeting time of 8:50am.

After breakfast, my day basically went into slow motion.  I pretty much layed around and ate more Garrett’s popcorn.  That stuff is so bad for you.  It’s like poison.   I wish it would just disappear.  I don’t know what the heck I was thinking for buying both a large and small size bag of the popcorn.  Too MUCH!!

At 2pm, I made two kinds of egg rolls (beef and pork).  I like to make egg rolls.  Who Girl helped me cook ’em.


I had 4 wraps leftover so Who and I mixed up some cream cheese, vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, and chocolate chips and made dessert eggrolls.  I had a chunk of the mixture out of the bowl and couldn’t imagine eating any more so I didn’t have any.  Too RICH for me…

It was a calm but lame day.  Who Girl’s going went back to school tonight and I won’t get to see her again until the Whoville 5k on December 18th.  That’s two weeks away but it feels like it’ll be forever.

I do love December.  I cannot wait until all the get-togethers with our family.  I got two emails/texts from family today asking to get together (22nd and 27th).   We always get together with family on the 24th and the 25th with both my side of the family and Mick’s side so those are automatic.  And our friends invited us to a Christmas party on 23rd.  Food and family… it doesn’t get much better than that.

RANDOM…  Who else felt like they had to punch out the toilet cover before placing it on the toilet?  I finally realized you could just lie the whole thing over the toilet seat and do your business without having to punch out the hole.  Everyone thought that, right?  Don’t make me feel stupid.

Finished my Sunday night before going back to work with a full bottle of wine.  Wasted….  No, I don’t have a problem.


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