I Really Dislike Bus Trips…

3 Dec

As yesterday’s post told you, I went to Chicago yesterday on a one-day bus trip.  We were sad because my mom and older sister didn’t go.  My younger sister, Marla, and my daughter, Who Girl, did go.

Bus trips are annoying.  Every year I say it’s the last and then we go again the following year. Next year, we’re going to try and convince my mom to drive to Michigan City and take the commuter train into Chicago for a weekend trip (vs a day).  We’ve done the commuter train before and it worked really nice.

On the bus trip, I get annoyed because we have to stop at the FireKeepers Casino. It reeks of smoke.  I don’t like to lose $$ SO I don’t gamble.  We only stayed for 30 minutes because it was an unannounced visit.  Marla risked $1 and won $11.80.  Wow, right?

Marla's first time...


I realize now that I’m “all talk” because I thought I was going to buy, buy, buy at Topshop, H&M and Zara.  I ended up only buying a couple of things and I got those from Free People.

I do love Free People.  I got some bracelets, a sweater and a tank top.  I found them all on the clearance rack.

We walked a ton.  We never use public transportation when we go.  I had my Garmin on but it jumped from 4 to 8 miles within minutes so I no longer trusted it.  I turned it off.  I don’t think it could possibly accurate when you’re going floor to floor in a building that has 2-7 floors in it anyways.

We ate lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.

Big ole' burrito...

Shared Banana Cream and Peppermint Bark cheesecakes. So good.

We visited Christkindlmarket (German American Holiday Market) since my daughter and sister hadn’t been there before.  I always think of my mom when going here because she always loves to get the warm wine in a glass boot there.

Christkindlmarket Chicago (German American market)

Who Girl trying to capture a pigeon.

We ate at Foodlife for dinner and had a dessert of frozen yogurt at Red Mango for dessert.

Who Girl's done this before.

Marla had 3 samples then decided she was full.

This one was Who Girl's. Mine looked so much better.

Random pictures…

AllSaints Spitalfields... Cool but expensive store.

Make A Wish display at Macy's.

My daughter and my sister.

We made it home and crashed by 2am.

I never sleep  in but I managed to sleep til 10:30am this morning.

Once I did get up, I ate horrible.  Besides eating breakfast and lunch within an hour of each other, I stuffed my face with Garrett’s chicago-style popcorn.  I’d eat til I felt ill, take a half hour break and then continue eating the popcorn again til I felt sick.  It was a vicious cycle.  I kept putting off running because I didn’t think my stomach could handle it.

At 2:10pm, I ran 11.75 miles.  My average mile/minute was 8:09.  Not bad, eh?  Before running, I checked the temperature which said 48 degrees.  I couldn’t wait to run in that temperature but once I got going, it felt so much colder than that?!  I realized a little later that I was watching Chicago’s weather because I forgot to switch back (I use The Weather Channel app on my Iphone).  I think the actual temperature was about 40 but felt in the mid 30’s?!   I was pretty cold by the time I made it home.

Who Girl and I went to the Irish Pub for dinner.

Lovin' my jean jacket.

After eating, we did more shopping (near the mall).  I found a cute outfit at Express and some really cute high knee socks at DSW (one pair was Smartwool).   I scored a super cute one piece scarf from American Eagle (25% until tomorrow if you use your AE credit card).

Came home and watched some pre-recorded Chopped episodes.

Today flew by.


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