4AM Hero…

1 Dec


It was so weird.  My eyes popped open at 4:00am and I was wide awake.

The night before, I was thinking I could wake up and go look for a LeapPad Explorer Tablet for my friend but there was no way I was setting my alarm to wake up at 4 and do it.  That’d be crazy.  I’m glad I did though because I did manage to get one.  I was glad to be able to help her out.  I remember trying to find a certain toy for one of my kids and I’d get so frustrated when the stores couldn’t keep it stocked for me.  I felt like a hero.  Silly, I know.

This picture was an afterthought. I really did wear pants to the store.

Wore my new boots to work today….again.

I couldn’t get enough of them yesterday.

Cracks me up when I see cars driving around with snow drifts on top of their roofs.  I know that not everyone has a garage for their cars but I’d still have time to brush my car off?!

It took 3 hours but I finally was able to register for the Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City.   Registration opened at 8am.  The site kept freezing and crashing.  There’s a Full, 1/2 and 10k on May 26th 2012.  Arghhh.  Why do I this to myself (sign up for another race)?

When I picked up Roo from school, he had a nice surprise for me.  WTH!!!

He scored a whole 83% on this beautiful piece of art. No, it's not a molar.

Came home from work at noon and ate a mass of food.  None of it was good (soup, chips and dip, bowl of Frosted Flakes).  Gross.  After chowing, I needed a nap.  It’s a horrible cycle.

By the time I got up, I really didn’t have time for a run outside so I went downstairs to our dreaded workout room and jumped on the treadmill.

Yes, I know it's a mess...

I ran 5 miles.  My speed varied from 5 to 7.2 mph (all of it agonizing).  I liked that I could run in whatever I had on.  I didn’t have to put on a bunch of clothes like I would have to run outside.

I think I’m going deaf because all I could do was watch Mission Impossible on the little TV down there.  Because I was thumping so loudly on the TM, I couldn’t hear anything they said.  What evs…

After dinner, went with my Girl, Who to see a show.  I’m not sure why I wanted to see it so badly but I went saw the movie, Martha Marcy May Marlene.  The main actress was Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s sister, Elizabeth.  I like all movies.  This one was very dark.  I didn’t like the way it ended.

Need to get to bed.  I need to be in the super store’s parking lot at 6:30am for departure to Chicago.


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