Don’t Pick Up Poop With Your Hands…

30 Nov

My mom’s having troubles.  Without getting personal, I’ll just say she jumped out of a plane without her parachute.  It sounds more exciting that way.

Because of the parachute incident, my sisters and I (and our husbands) have been in charge of walking our brothers, “the boys” (my mom’s dogs), down the cul-de-sac twice a day until my mother gets back to her healthy self.

Being that my mom lives in a subdivision, there are rules about dogs poopin’ and peein’ in the right spots.  I’m sure there are rules everywhere but we bend them a little at my mom’s.  We always walk the dogs and let them poo poo in the empty lots.  It’s totally acceptable…I think.  What’s the big deal?   Because of the deep snow, the chunkiest of the two dogs couldn’t get himself up on the empty lot so he pooped in a snow bank on the road.  I felt really guilty I should have walked away.   I bent over with my hands cupped like this (envision…use your imagination).  Having a superior mind, I figured I could carefully pick up the poo while it rested on the snow and toss it all on the empty lot so no one one of my sisters stepped on it.  FAIL!  Poo poo rolled all over the ground but touch my gloves before doing so.  SHIT!  Literally.

I mentioned yesterday that I was hoping school wouldn’t get cancelled due to the snow.  Well, it got cancelled.

Oops. I guess I should have opened the screen door before taking a picture.

The first snow always freaks everyone out.  Besides, the high school has a lot of new drivers so it was probably good school was cancelled.

Power was lost sporadically through town.

Another challenging day to run so I ran BABY.

At 12:53pm, I ran 8.48 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:45.  I was so afraid I was going to fall and break a wrist.  I wouldn’t be able to type or make inappropriate hand gestures at my coworkers — not okay.  I survived.  It was crispy cold (32 degrees — felt like 25).  I wore a white shirt which was incredibly stupid being that cars were going by…fast, spraying me with crip and crud from the road.

It's not about being fashionable. I say this when I look like a total twit.

I’ve said it before but I was really proud of myself for running in this cold weather.  I do NOT miss the treadmill.

I forgot that I got new boots at Macy’s the other day.  Shame on me.  I wore them today in an outfit that someone at work described as my looking like an elf.  Hmmm.  Not an insult (at least not to me) and not really a compliment either…

I did buy a new shirt today.  I love the saying… “If you see me collapse, pause my Garmin“.  Awesome.  I ordered in green (green because I really do wish I was an elf).

Moving on…

What’s this about decorating your holiday table with antlers.  Aren’t antlers to the equivalent our finger or toenails.  That’s so gross…


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