Rain, SLEET, Snow. OH MY!!

29 Nov

Yeah, crazy stuff for running in today.  It was gloomy and rainy all day long.  There was a rumor that the snow was coming and I was thirsty for a challenge.

This shirt is a turtleneck and I HATE turtlenecks. I do like turtles though.

At 3:02pm, I started the craziest run of my life.  Sounds extreme, I know.  Keep in mind that I used to take it inside to the treadmill whenever the temperature dropped below 50 degrees.  It was 36 degrees (but felt 23).  I honestly thought felt colder than 23 because the wind was just brutal (26 mph).  I ran 8.36 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:43.  My pace was slower than normal but that’s because things got pretty slippery in the last 2 miles.  I was so afraid I was going to slip and fall on my ass.  That would have hurt so bad.

Very slick...

For all of my run, the sleet wouldn’t stop pelting me in the face.  Stingers!!!

Earlier today, I put on some clothes for work since they frown on my wearing my pajam jam’s.  They’re so strict, right?

I wore some skinny jeans (major repeaters), a J Crew shirt and a weird Free People sweater.

Love the little studs in the backs of these B Makowsky pumps...

Check the sweater out.  It’s a 2 layer sweater.  One layer’s peach and one was pink.  It was very itchy but I kept it on for appearances.  Didn’t want to ruin the look. You know what I mean?

Bruce had a friend over.  Normally the kids don’t have friends overnight on school nights but Brucee’s friend, “A”, was over on special request by his parents.  They asked us for a favor since they were going out-of-town.  It was working out wonderfully since both my boys enjoyed hanging out with “A”.

By 6:30, I had the family fed.  I know, it’s quite amazing that I made dinner.  Secretly, I didn’t want “A”‘s family to know I was a loser who very rarely made dinner for her family.  Shaaa…

I went to my mom’s to walk her dogs.  There was an inch of snow on the ground.  It was so pretty.  I wished I had snowshoes or skis. Mick will say no to my purchasing them.  He always says “no” to new purchases.  Since I had neither, I had to make due with my snow boots.

After walking my hairy brothers, I watched, “Something Borrowed” with my mom.  I’d already seen it but I like hanging out with her.

Besides, I really don’t have a problem watching John Krasinski.  He’s kind of yummy .  He’s not hot like “hot body” hot.  He’s just so funny and that makes him hot.  Swoon…

I bought the song, “New Shoes”  (artist Paolo Nutini) from Itunes.  I know it’s uncool to buy from Itunes when you can convert from YouTube but I feel better “purchasing” my music.  I’m so lame.

I work 4-8 tomorrow night so I so hope to goodness that there’s not a “snow day”.  I might hurt myself if all the kids stay home with me all…day….long.  That’ll suck ass.

Oh and yes, Chicago is in 3 days.


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