What An Ass…

28 Nov

I didn’t plan on looking like a total ass.  It just happened.  I started with some clothes and then got nervous.  I always think I’m going to freeze.  It’s to the point where I’m tempted to skip my run.  I get so scerred.  To appease this inner demon, I keep adding clothing.  In the end, I look like a total dweeb.  Kind of like a dorky middle school boy?!  Wait a minute… I have one of those and he doesn’t look like that.

I started my run at 2:53pm.  The temperature was 35 degrees (felt like 28).  I had limited time so even though I felt good, I needed to head home.  I ended up completing 8.4 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:13.  I only had to stop and retie my yellow shorts three X’s.

After my run, my day went downhill.  I got mad at my family and went to my mom’s.  Before I left my house, I threatened the boys (Mick and my two sons) that I was moving out for good.   My mom and I  drank wine and I ate a humungo bowel bowl of popcorn.   My mom was ready for me to go home at 10:30pm.  Geez.

Before I made enemies with everyone, my day started out pretty darn good.  It was Monday but Monday’s aren’t a problem for me…usually.  I drank coffee.  Coffee’s like speed to me.  I talk fast normally so coffee intensifies it.   It makes me feel like the smartest person in the whole world.  Coffee’s awesome.

I was in the mood to wear lots of color this morning.  Sported my Lucky dress (too big but no match for a belt) and some hooker boots.  Nice…

Today sucked (because of this afternoon) but tomorrow’s another day.  I bet it’s going to be frickin’ fantastical!!


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