Evolution Of Smooth…

27 Nov

I cross-trained today.  Kind of…

It was a dreary day.  It was cold and rainy all day today.

Guess who my blue shirt’s by?  Guess.  No, really, Guess…

Blue Guess shirt, VS leggings and Liz Clairborne shoes...

Sundays we do breakfast (my mom, grandma and I).  I was in charge of picking  Gramms up.   This is what you see when you come to my Gramm’s door…

Not centered because I was afraid she'd catching me taking it...

No, not my ugly, chewed up finger.

My grandma can be naughty.  My Grandpa died in 2007.  Within less than a day after he died, my Grandma had scribbled out his first name from the name tag on their apartment door (vs replacing it with a new one).  I have to laugh or I’d get mad at her insensitivity.   It’s almost 5 years later and she has the same tacky tag on her door.

I wasn’t into doing a run today.  I ate too big of a breakfast so I didn’t want any problems out on the road.  It was turning out to be a real downer of day.  I was feeling sorry for myself.  I laid on my bed thinking about what a mess my house was.  I have piles all over.  Roo wouldn’t study for his exams which was really stressing me.   He was so on my nerves and I didn’t know how to motivate him.   In the past I’ve yelled at him, bribed him…talked nicely to him.  Nothing ever works.

I was thinking how my carpets looked like hell.  I wanted to go out and buy a carpet steamer.  I always want to own stuff.  I don’t want to borrow or rent.  My daughter lectured me that I didn’t need a cheesy Christmas tree (white w/pre-lit blue lights) nor do I need a carpet steamer.  Naaaaaah!  I hate it when she’s right.  I ended up renting a steamer from the store for $12.  $12 beats buying a steamer…I guess.

I only steam cleaned my bedroom and the living room.  I didn’t feel bad about not doing the whole house because it was so cheap.  Bedda than nuthin’.  It was a lot of work.  I could possibly be sore tomorrow from the steam cleaning workout.  I think it counted as cross-training?!

It’s so sad that cleaning my carpets was the highlight of my day.  Whatever.  That’s my boring life.  Boring can be good, right?

NEW FAVORITE PRODUCT… EOS lip balm.  EOS (Evolution of  Smooth) lip balm is so different from all the other lip balms because it’s looks like a sphere.  It’s fun.  I have to give my daughter credit for bringing it to my attention.  I’m totally hooked.

Only $3.50

It was difficult taking this pic without it looking porn...


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