Chestnuts Are Big Fat Boring Nuts…

25 Nov

First off. I’m totally disgusted. I typed a whole post and it disappeared when I tried saving it?!  I’m sure I’ll find it in a month.

Anywho, up and running at 9:45am. I threw on some oversized North Face long underwear with a Champion long sleeve white shirt (Target).

What a SMOE. I'm definitely not looking for a boyfriend.

It was beautiful out. I ran 12.21 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:32. I wanted to walk most of the run but I never did. I think it might have been because I was really looking forward to going to lunch with my daughter and her friend. The whole time I was running, I expected a call asking where the heck I was. I was ready to tell Tho Who to come and pick me up. That phone call never came.

The Who, her friend, KG, Brucee and I went to an awesome Thai restaurant called, Thai Princess.

Only half of the Thai Princess menu

I ordered Thai Pad but the appetizer was spicy chicken soup, a spring roll and a little salad. It was all so good.

Brucee (14 yrs old) and I...

The Who and her friend, KG

Off for a little shopping. The Who found my Christmas party dress (Bar III) for my work party. It was $15. I’m not joking. My daughter always finds the best deals. This dress is awesome. You’re thinking that it’s going to be super cheesy considering how cheap it is. Just wait. I’ll post a picture of it on December 11th. I will need to purchase some double-stick tape though. Yes, it’s risky but not slutty.

I bought a new scent, Body by Burberry. I really needed new toilet toilette water.  Surprise, surprise because it came with a Burberry bag.  Yay me!!

I made it home in time to meet my mom, my sis and her husband, J, for the light parade.

Leggings and Bearpaw boots (fake Uggs) under the skirt and I was ready to hang outside...

J, Marla and my momma (sitting)

I’ve been to the parade once before. It was freezing the last time but it was a lot more mild this time. All vehicles that are in the parade are covered in lights. It’s kind of fun.

There was a cow. J pointed out that it wasn’t a cow because it didn’t have udders. I guess you could call him a bull (not my bro in law, the 4-legged farm animal).

A lot of bull

The local bail bondsman was there.

There was a guy in a mock jail. The "prisoner" had a slurpee...

This reminded me that the Janet Evanovich book, One For The Money, which is coming out as a movie soon. I read the whole series so I’m really looking forward to it.

As I said, it’s usually freezing so everyone really looks forward to when the hot air balloon trailer/float rolls by…

Hot stuff!!

Huge fish made entirely of recycled detergent bottles and, of course, lights…

As usual, I didn’t plan anything for dinner so I stopped for chicken tenders at the grocery store. Oh, and I got 3 bottles of red wine for meeeself.

Each year, I rotate doing a real Christmas tree and an artificial.  I spotted a really tacky pre-lit white tree at the grocery store on sale for $100.  Mick said I couldn’t have it but I think I’m getting it tomorrow. 

I noticed a container of chestnuts and I had a brilliant idea to roast them myself. I usually have to go to Frankenmuth, MI for roasted chestnuts. Mick got after me for trying to cut criss crosses in them (in my hand) while I watched TV. He said I was going to cut myself.  I’m sure he didn’t want to take me to the ER because I was being an idiot. He’s so sweet.

The chestnuts were bland. I guess I just need to go to Frankenmuth next time because it’s just not the same when you do it in your oven.

Oh, it’s plank time.  I’m buzzed so it’s going to be interesting.


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