Look Mom, No Cavities…

22 Nov

Gosh, I really dislike going to the dentist.  And no, it’s not because I have problem teeth.  My cleanings are uneventful but for the rest of the day following my cleaning appointment, my teeth just ache.  I took 3 ibuprofen…

Today was a crap day.  It rained all day and it was chilly.   At 3:41pm, I ran 9.81 miles with an average minute/mile of 8:30.   The temperature was 35 degrees but it felt like 27  with the rain and wind.   Knowing that you’re supposed to be cold for the first three miles of your run, I put on the minimum…

And then I added more.  I worried and angsted about freezing to death.  I didn’t want to be cold so I overdressed.  I looked and felt like the Tin Man.  After a mile and a half, I felt like I was in a sauna.  I made it back just as it got dark.  My head lamp is still in the house in it’s packaging.   I should have stuffed it in one of the many pockets of my Columbia rain jacket.  And, I should have brought kleenex because I had a runny nose the entire time. 

I was totally drenched.  Because they were wet, my men’s sweatpants weighed almost a ton.  I had to wash everything.  After washing them, I put my shoes on my boot dryer from Cabela’s.  I really like this dryer.  We use it mostly for soccer cleats but it sure came in handy today.

By the way, I left my music home because I knew I really needed to pay attention to the cars around me. 

Earlier today, I wore my thumbhole warmers from Etsy.  I purchased them last year?!  

 My coworkers made fun of me.  This wasn’t the first time it’s happened.   I still love those f*#kers. 

I try not to log onto Etsy because I get into trouble out there.  There’s a lot of neat stuff out there.  Bad, bad, bad…

I go back and forth on how done up I want to be.  Lately, I’ve been a minamalist when it comes to makeup and hair.  I like to go without makeup so no makeup today.  I washed my hair and that was it.

My little girl, The Who, came from college today.   I’m so happy about this.  I’ll be able to see Breaking Dawn with her and not feel like an idiot.  Everyone in the theater will think that I’m just going with her so she doesn’t have to go alone (she’s already seen it).  It’s kind of like when I go to Forever 21 with her.  I act like I’m not there for myself but I’m looking.  Oh yes,  I’m looking for me…

You GO Girl!! Moment — Today I went to the grocery store and didn’t buy anything coffee related.  You don’t understand.  I’m obsessed with coffee right now (Keurig, French Press, Creamers…).  It was hard for me but I did it.


One Response to “Look Mom, No Cavities…”

  1. Holly November 23, 2011 at 8:12 am #

    “I worried and angsted about freezing to death.”

    That would describe me as well during my most recent runs outside!

    You must have sensitive teeth. OUCH.

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