I Don’t Want To Drink Alone…

20 Nov

I had a huge responsibility today.  I had to pick up my Grandma precisely at 8:40am in the front of her old folk community center/home.   I needed to get her up and in my SUV (she grabbed the handle and threw herself up there like she did it all the time), toss her walker in the back seat and then transport her to our Sunday meeting place for breakfast slop.  This was my mom and dad’s job on Sundays but being my dad passed away and my mom’s in no shape to deal with my grandma and her walker, I volunteered.  I felt privileged to be in charge of her.  And, I got to park in handicapped parking for the first time in my life.

At 2:16pm, I ran 8.55 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:05.  It was cold for most of the run and I felt naked.  It was 43 degrees but felt like 37.  I got chased by pugs when running by one house.  Why can’t it always be a pug when you get chased.  Pugs are so damn cute.

Oh and the lightbulb finally turned on.  I would get so annoyed with my Garmin because it would never upload the first time.  Sometimes it would attempt uploading for hours and would get stuck in the same spot.  Being the brainiac that I am, I finally figured out that I needed to clean out the history after 2 or 3 runs.  Since I’ve started deleting my runs more often, the upload occurs quickly and on the 1st attempt.  Pat on the Back!!

My sweet little cousin, Leanne, was visiting from Texas.


She’s adorable, yeah?

I sent her an email a week or two ago telling her I missed being around her.  I asked if we could meet up when she arrived.  Wow.  Worked out to my benefit because my mom and I got invited to my aunt and uncle’s for dinner.  Yay me!!  They’re vegetarian so we had a vegetarian meal with a side of grilled chicken (broccoli rabe, a combo of northern beans, tomatoes and artichokes and some bread from the Breadsmith).  It was deelish.  I should have taken a picture but I never remember.  I laughed the whole time we were there.  I just love those guys. 

Vegetarian pumpkin cupcakes to take home. 

Oh, how rude.  Two bites missing from one of the cupcakes.  (confession…it was me)

After I left my aunt and uncle’s, I was off to the grocery store.  My work sent myself and all of my associates gift certificates for a free turkey.  Free?  Yeah, I’m in. 

During the holidays, I always love all the holiday stuff that you don’t normally see.  No, not the garlands and wrapping paper!  I get held up looking at all the booze.  Fancy bottles…

Keep in mind, I don’t drink booze.  I’m trying though.  Tonight I drank some Moscato all by myself. 

I proceeded to annoy everyone in the house except for the golden retriever.  She thought I was great fun after 2 or 3 glasses.  I was full of energy and very flexible.  She loves to play.   I sent some drunk emails and text’s.   I’m always impressing…


2 Responses to “I Don’t Want To Drink Alone…”

  1. Hugh Jass November 21, 2011 at 8:14 am #

    I’m a wuss when it comes to booze. Maybe I just don’t know how to drink it, but it goes down like acid or paint thinner.

    • Shelly in MI November 21, 2011 at 8:17 am #

      It’s the devil’s phlegm. After the first 2 GULPS, it goes down easy.

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