18 Nov

Today for work, I wore a skirt purchased from the store Francesca’s (you’ve seen it on me before) and a silk blouse from J Crew.  I wore cream-colored “go-go” boots from Aerosoles.  I was proud of my obnoxious polka-dotted socks hanging out above the top of my boots.

So, you know I’m drinking coffee, right?  That’s the excitement in my life.  Whenever I try something, I go hard.  I throw myself into.  No, I didn’t ease into with just one sissy cup.  I’ve had at least four today.  I was so wired all day.  This could be bad.  Not just healthwise but jobwise.  I was so amped up, I was talking so damn fast that I was skipping words.  It all made perfect sense to me because I heard all the words in my head but when I left the words out to my callers, they didn’t always get it.  I had to repeat myself… a lot.  It worked out.  They probably thought I was tired and just needed a cup of coffee.  Yeah, right!!

It’s Friday.  I should have a weekend full of fun planned, right?  Well I don’t.  I suck…

I’d bug Mick to do something but he has his own plans tonight.  He has a bunch of guys over to his shop for a poker tournament.  I don’t play poker.  He hasn’t banned me (yet) so I could hang out there and visit but I’ll probably put on my dork clothes and hibernate at my house.  I’m not a night owl. 

I dragged Brucee around the Mall for a couple of hours.  I returned the Miss Me and Crash & Burn jeans I bought this last weekend.  I return a lot of stuff to the store.  Usually it’s because I have regret…shopper’s remorse.

I wasn’t feeling remorseful for long.  I ended up buying an 8-cup French press from Macy’s.  Shoot, it was only $20.  I plan on using this at work since the coffee they supply us with sucks ass.  I also got a headlamp for running in the dark.  I don’t need to get squashed.  Safety first, right?

Oh and by the way….I’m a winner.  I won some ROC20 Sports Drink Mix from Amway Nutrilite.  Yay me!!  I registered on Skinnyrunner’s blog and I actually won.  Love it!!


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