A New Low…

17 Nov

I don’t know why I do it.   I don’t know why I tease my youngest son.  It’s probably because he lets me get away with it?!  I’m always trying to get out of making dinner so I suggested to my 14-year-old that we could have  leftover tuna casserole from last night’s soccer banquet.  In my defense, it was tuna casserole that didn’t sit out all evening — I put it in a separate dish and left in the refrigerator at home.  Anyways…  I know he doesn’t like tuna but I had to ask him. 

Brucee –   “No, I don’t want tuna!  I hate tuna and you know that.”

Me – “When was the last time you even had tuna?  Have you ever even tried tuna before?” (playing dumb)

Brucee – “I don’t know but I did and it was gross.” (very annoyed at this point)

Me – “Are you considering the fact that I ate tuna in front of you being the time that you last tried…” (He cut me off here and got downright foul)

Brucee – “No!  I put it in my mouth, it went to my stomach and came out my butt!  Okay?!” (angry)

I lost it and snorted.  He was angry, disgusted and so matter of fact.  Poor guy.  He gets over it fast though.  Lucky me.

I wore a super comfy outfit this morning to work.  I had on my favorite Zara suspendered pants, a simple Men’s Hanes t-shirt, Daytrip vest, and Nine West boots.

I dinked around after work and didn’t get my run in.  I finally got going on my run at 5:04pm.  I ran 8.39 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:14.  It was so cold.  I was warm.  I looked like a total dork…

I think part of the reason I procrastinated on running is because it was soooo cold.  It was 29 degrees but felt like 19 degrees (per The Weather Channel).   I have never run in that low of a temperature.  Within 45 minutes, it was super dark.  I got honked at 3 times even though I had reflectors on.  It made me nervous and it kind of pissed me off.  I was out of the cars’ way.  I think I’m going to buy a headlamp for running at night….

CRAVING — I’m so craving Brie covered in puff pastry with a cherry topping.  I’m going to make it next week for sure.


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