Surviving A Potluck…

16 Nov

What’s scary?  Potlucks are scary.  I’m not talking “boogie man” scary.  I’m talking “will I throw up in 3 hours?” scary.  Tonight was Roo’s high school soccer banquet.  These, of course, involve a cornucopia of food from over 50 kitchens.  My friend, Eve, tried to play it safe by choosing a  slice of pizza from the local pizza place (some parents didn’t have time to make something — I’ve got no problems with that).

Why are potlucks so scary?  I’m sure most will agree that they’re scary because you have no idea how clean the person is who prepared the food sitting in front of you.  You have no idea what their hygiene habits are in the kitchen.  You have no idea if they have 2 dogs and 4 cats (hmmmm, well ah…).

Nobody in my family likes tuna fish.  I do.  I went ahead and took advantage of being able to make something I normally am not allowed to make in my house.  I made Tuna Noodle Casserole.  I never make it and I personally like it.  There had to be over a hundred people there and only myself and one other person took some.  Ha!!!  It tasted good, really.

I also made Pillsbury Pumpkin bread…twice.  I burned the first box because I tried to multi task by leaving the bread in the oven too long when I went to pick up the boys from school.   What a night!!  I’m so glad that’s over…seriously.

Roo and some teammates….

Roo getting his certificate from the coaches…

Roo itching his head (for at  least 30 seconds which seemed like a lifetime to me)…

Earlier today I wore a dress by Lucky.  I looked pregnant in it.  That’s never good if you’re not pregnant.

I always dress up to pick up the boys from school (not).  One of these times I’m going to have to get out of my car.  Either I’ll be mortified because of what I’m wearing or my boys will be…

Please ignore all the shit you can see in the background of my photos.  I’m a bit of a clutterbug.

I’m so glad to be chillin’ back on the couch — my safe place.

I think tonight’s a good night to shave off my moo-stache… (courtesy of Frank the black kitty)


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