Poke. Poke…

15 Nov

Today, I wore my Miss Me jeans with the tag still on them.  They were tight, uncomfortably tight.  Actually, these were the tightest jeans I’ve ever worn.  I kept the tag on because I was worried they’d be awful to wear for four hours and I wanted the option to return them.  I know that’s naughty but they were over $100 bucks.

I got the “thumbs up” on them at work.  And, they weren’t uncomfortable.  I still left the tag on them though.

When I got home, I ran 14.68 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:38.  It was beautiful  I wore my new Running Fit tech shirt.

I’ve had a pulled muscle in my back since Saturday.  Sunday was borderline agonizing.  It felt much better this morning.  I thought it wouldn’t bother me but once I got going, the jarring was quite irritating.  By the time I got to the point where I could round off the run to a simple 3.5 miles, I decided to keep going.  My back’s still sore but I think it’ll be completely back to normal in a day or two (I hope?!).

Took Brucee to the orthodonist and found out that I’m free to use my Flexible Spending next year because after insurance, we’re going to have to pay $3400 to straighten the mess in his mouth.  The problem with Brucee is he will not, he actually refuses to pull out any baby teeth.  Up to this point, the dentist has pulled them all.  Well there was the 1st one.  I held him down and pulled it out (while  big brother, Roo, beat on my back for abusing his little brother).  After that incident, I decided that I wasn’t wiggling another tooth.  That process traumatized us all.  I don’t get Brucee.  The other two kids were obsessive about pulling loose teeth.  Neither one of them required any orthodonics and I’m sure it’s because they were quick to get their loose teeth out.  I’m done trying to bribe him, guilt him and threaten him to remove his own teeth.  I have to schedule an appointment with the dentist to pull out 5 baby teeth so the braces can go on in February.

Here’s an old picture of Brucee before the expander and the spacer (and who knows what else they did in Phase I).  I almost peed when I first saw this.

He looks like his dad, right?  I shouldn’t post this picture but I’m hoping he never finds out. 

I didn’t plan well so I didn’t have dinner ready by 6 so off to the local Mexican restaurant to feed my two sons.  On the car ride, I lectured the boys about their grades and commented how I dedicate more time to my blog than they do to their school work.  My point was that I don’t get graded or receive $$ for this blog and I still apply myself (calm down, I realize I don’t do a lot — they don’t need to know that).  In the middle of what I thought was a good lecture, Brucee got a little poke in by saying, “that’s because you have too much time on your hands”.   He’s right and I hate that he saw right through me…


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