Someone Threw Up…

13 Nov

While everyone in my house slept in, I met up with family for breakfast and then on to church with my mom and sisters.

I picked up Brucee from one of his friend’s house.  How convenient.  Brucee’s buddy lives by the country store.  I like the drink Twisted Tea and this country store is the only local store that I know that sells it.  I  bought two packs…

Please know that I buy a lot of alcohol but I barely ever drink it (once every 3 weeks?!).  I just happen to talk about it a lot.

We have a Hallmark store in our town that’s been there for years (1928?!).  About this time, every year, they have their holiday open house.  They have reindeer outside the store.  I managed to walk through some of their pee.


Yummy punch and cookies…

I love their upside-down Christmas tree (sorry, it’s blurry).  It’s not for sale but I wish it were.

I used to like bringing my kids because they’d get the chance to sit on Santa’s lap.

We never stay that long and it’s more of a social thing then anything else.  Good stuff.

Mick decided it was a good night to take the boys for a birthday dinner.  We’ve already had two birthday meals for them.  I wasn’t going to fight it because I didn’t want to make dinner.  Mick chose the same sushi place The Who and I went to yesterday.  We didn’t fess up because we can’t get enough sushi.  Two times in one weekend.  I’m so lucky.  Not so lucky though because on the way home, someone threw up.  Oops.


One Response to “Someone Threw Up…”

  1. Sarah November 14, 2011 at 9:09 am #

    Sorry to missed you guys at the Holiday Open House! Good thing we skipped it, looks like my little one is getting sick afterall:-( Awesome.

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