Veterans’ Day

12 Nov

No, I didn’t post yesterday.  I totally ran out of time.  I could have done it at about 11:30pm but I was just totally whooped.

We had friends and family over for dinner and dessert.  The get together was for my boys’ birthdays but, really, we just wanted to have people over.  I just wanted an excuse to be around family and friends.  It worked.

Before all of that happened, I went to work like normal.  Because we get to wear jeans everyday, management had to come up with some other kind of incentive.  Casual shoes is where it be.  I wore my Puma’s to work .  Along with shoes, I wore some clothes.  I wore an antique J Crew long sleeve from deep with in  my closets and some Silver capris.

Work was especially fun.  I ended up working with some people that I normally don’t get to work with.  I love my regular cohorts but it was nice to mix things up.  I’m a telephone service rep at an insurance company.  I mainly talk to producers about our products.  I really like my job.  This, of course, may be because I only work 4 hours a day.  Friday was quieter than most so I had more time to talk to Ian and Jenny.  Good times, right?

My new coffee addiction is not working out well.  Coffee tastes like shit.  I don’t add sugar because sugar is bad (caffeine is okay…ha ha).  And, I use the cheap powder creamer they provided.  I was told yesterday that my company has a really bad “free” coffee  Yesterday, I was able to take drinks off coffee without making faces each time so things are progressing, I guess.  I figure if I can like this crap, I can like all coffees.  Time will tell.

At noon, there was no time for fooling around.  Choked down a Slimfast bar, and got myself home.  At 1:12pm, I ran 8.10 miles.  I ran a 8:07 minute/mile average.  It was cold.  I wore my new tights from Eastbay.  I got two pairs for $25 each.  These tights were okay.  I definitely like my Underarmors better.

After my run, my daughter arrived home for the weekend.  Very nice.

Scrambbled to clean and prep for everyone coming over at 6pm.

Everything worked out.  I hid all my piles that were on my kitchen counters.  We ate, we talked, played cards.  I drank.  It was fun.

The nice thing about having get togethers at your house is you get to have a clean house for a few days following.  Otherwise, there’s just no incentive for me to clean…


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