I’m A Hero.

10 Nov

Wore an old Express dress…

Funky arm slits…

When I was at work today (8am to noon), all I could think of was how disgustingly dirty my house was and how much work I had to do to make it descent for tomorrow night’s get together for the boys’ birthdays.   It’s probably not a lot of people to most but I’m thinking we’ll have about 20 people.  I’m making pulled pork, spinach and artichoke lasagna, corn casserole, spinach salad and a couple different desserts.   I always make things that I like eat and tomorrow’s no exception.

Here’s a picture of my new tattoo.  I got it on Tuesday.  I don’t like the picture I took of it but I don’t want to take anymore (it’s hard to get the right angle when doing it myself?!).   I intended to keep it simple but went with shading at the last minute.  The “26.2” is supposed to be a little bit bigger font than the “13.1”.

The weather was so crappy today.  It was sleeting and snowing and the temperature dipped down to the low thirties.  My back hurt for some reason which is very unusual because my back NEVER hurts.  I didn’t have time for a run today anyways (not even a 3.5 miler around the block?!).

Brucee had to report back at the school with his Hero.  Who’s his hero?  Me, of course.  Every 8th grade student did some type of project to represent and brag about their hero (timeline, Powerpoint, posterboard, etc.).  It was nice to go to see all the kids’ presentations.  Some of them were very creative.  Some kids sang or rapped about their heroes.  Brucee always acts like he’s undercover so  he created a tri-fold poster board which had pictures and nice words about me (plus he could hide behind it).  It was nice.  He’s sweet.

After going to the school for an hour and a half, I visited briefly with my mom.

I did as much of the food prep as I could.  With some of the cleaning done today, I’m hoping I’ll be able to run tomorrow and still make my house presentable.  Time will tell.

Sorry for the lame-o post.  Tired.


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