The Kids Can Wait….Not!

9 Nov

I have a special way of getting rid of my clothes.  It’s actually a system.  I go through my closet and pull out everything I’m sick of and move them to my daughter’s closet (when she’s at college it has extra space). Then, once in a while, I’ll do the same thing with my daughter’s closet.  The items I take from my daughter’s closet, I move to the basement closet.  There’s a shit-ton of clothes in the basement closet.  Eventually, the crap that’s been moved to the basement will go to Good Will.  It works.  I don’t act too quickly and have regret, right?

The other day I was in the basement closet getting wrapping paper to wrap a gift and I noticed an old Express dress that was pretty close to going to Good Will.  I’m glad I didn’t just give my stuff to Good Will straight from my main closet because I was excited to see this dress.  It was like getting a new dress.  I also noticed a long sleeve, horizontal striped J Crew shirt and some American Eagle cords.

I wore the AE cords today with a short sleeve yellow J Crew shirt and an animal print sweater.  Footwear was my Sperry’s.  Love the Sperry’s.

After work, I did a biometric exam.  If we get our finger pricked and have our pulse and blood pressure taken, my work gives us a nice discount on our health/dental insurance premium.  We get an additional discount if we’re non smokers.  Nice, eh?  Had my finger pricked.  Ouch!  I’d rather have blood drawn than have a finger pricked.  I didn’t fast but all my levels were perfecto.  I think I have superhero blood and I should donate it more often.

It was 55 degrees.  There was a wind advisory.  NO BIG WHOOP!  Hazardous winds of 25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 45 mph.  Oh, geez.  It felt fine to me.  Off on my run at 1:03pm.  I needed to be back by 2:30pm so I could pick up my boys from school.  No problemo.  I never know my exact route until I get going and decide what I can or can’t do.  The run felt good.  I felt good and I was bummed I had to pick up my silly kids.   At about the 8 mile mark, I knew I was running behind.  I knew I had to get trucking.  All of a sudden, I turned South with open fields all around me and I finally felt the gusts.  Holy shit!!  I felt like my legs were moving but I was staying in the same spot.  WTH!!  I finally finished my 11.55 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:22.  And, it was 2:40pm.  Crap!!!  Ran up the driveway (250 feet from the road so it’s usually a good cool down if I walk it) and limped in the house.  I could hear my cell phone (I don’t like to carry things on my run).  It was Mick.  Crap!!!  That meanie lectured me about having a simple job of picking up our chicklins and I managed to mess that up.  I said I was on my way.  He said nevermind because he was halfway there.  The boys, who I supplied with cell phones, called their pa when they couldn’t get a hold of me.  Shaaa!  But, laa di daa!  Oh, yaa, I f’d up!

Went to Brucee’s 4pm basketball game.   Thank god for an inside sport.  I always have to sit in the rainy, cold or the hot, humid stank.  Bugs… Sweat…  Running nose…  Gymnasium bleachers are fine with me.

Made a decent dinner.  Mick didn’t mention my mess up with my not picking up the kids.  He forgives very quickly.  I’m lucky like that.

I’m having family and friends over for our sons’ birthdays (Oct 26th and 27th) on Friday.  I need to clean my house.  It’s a disaster.  Since I started running, I pretty much let everything go.   But, if you want to hang with family and friends, the best way to do it is to invite ’em over.

For Friday’s get together, I bought some wine.  I hate wine.  I figure if I try a few, I’ll end up liking it.  I bought some cranberry (it didn’t say cooking wine but I’m suspicious) and I also got some Riesling.  I told my mom who is very excited.  She really likes her wine.  I got some Spiked Tea by Margaritaville as well in case I end up hating the wines.  If that fails, I’ll do shots of some hard stuff.

NEWEST OBSESSION — I want to drink coffee on a regular basis.  I want to buy special creamer.  Coffee smells so good.  It seems like it’d be a good social thing to do (drink coffee).  I hope once I have my new coffee obsession that I don’t end up looking like…

Don’t worry, I won’t.  I bet I end up looking like…

Except I’ll still have blondish hair.

Maybe I’ll get so into coffee, I’ll be able to do designs like this…


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