Addicted To Coffee?

7 Nov

Wore some black hooker boots with some capri jeans today.  You can’t tell though because the bottom of the jeans are hidden the boots.  Tricky, eh?

First of all, I’m not dancing it the picture below.  I got the gold belt from Banana Republic for $15 bucks.

Mick only had to work half a day to pay for that belt (kidding).  He doesn’t care for my shopping habits.  I don’t blame him.  He physically works his ass off like 7 days a week BUT it was a really good deal.  So…Sha!

I love my kids.  I even love that little stinker that I refer to as “Roo Dog”.

Yesterday, I took him shopping and bought him some school clothes because, one, the boys don’t like to school shop in August (or ever) and two, even though he has lots of basketball shorts and casual shirts, he always wears the same ones.  I can’t stand my kids wearing the same clothes every week.  If I’m not paying attention (which I’m usually not), the ding-a-lings will wear the same piece of clothing twice in one week.

I was happy because Roo Boy wore a nice long sleeve North Face shirt today.  He was sweet (not).  When he got out of the car, he blew me a kiss (not the kind I wanted).  I had to open a window to clear out the fog in my car.  Nasty.  I was so afraid the smell got in my hair.  I didn’t need to drag that into work.  When I picked Roo up, I asked how the shirt went today.  He’s not like my daughter who loved talking school and clothes.  He basically shut me down.  No more questions allowed.  Sucks.  Lots of rules.  No head bobbing to music and definitely no singing.


I get the Groupon emails.  For the most part, I just delete them but I saw a good one from last week.  I should have bought when I saw it because it’s now sold out.  I learned my lesson.  The great deal was $24 for 12 drop in sessions of hot yoga (85% off!!).  I’ve always wanted to do that.  And, what annoys me is that the offer’s still available.  When you click on it, it says “sold out”.  Arghh!

Today, the weather was nice and I was looking forward to a run.  At 3:04pm, I ran 9.91 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:09.  I felt good too because I passed group of six high schoolers who were running in town.  This isn’t a pat on the back though because they must have been some non-cross country team group (yearbook staff?, Future Farmers of America (FFA)?).  Either way, it did make this ole’ lady feel good to be running faster than kids.

Here’s my running gear for the day.  Tired of the same boring poses so I did a cheerleading pose.  Why yes, I was a cheerleader in high school.  Back then, we wore Keds tennis shoes and we didn’t do acrobatics like they do now a days.   I was just at the games to give everyone pep.

Mick was working in Ann Arbor today.  He called me to see if I wanted him to stop at the running store there and buy me a long sleeve white tech shirt.  Derr, yes.  He asked what size and I said medium.  Well BALLS because this medium was made for a 13-year-old girl.  Mick warned me on the phone that it looked short but I wouldn’t hear of it.  Not sure when I’ll get my large but I really, really like the shirt.

Dinner was easy and what I consider healthy.  I salt and peppered chicken breasts and threw them in a 9 x 13 dish.  I mixed up whole grain stuffing w/the recommended water and some Campbell’s turkey gravy.  I threw that mixture on top of the chicken.  After backing for a about 40 minutes, pull some shredded cheese (like colby-jack) on top and put in the oven to get melty.  Warmed up the rest of the gravy to put up on top if someone desired.  Done.  Fast and easy and healthy (kind of).  No picture because it wasn’t pretty… never is.

Ever heard of music from Yelawolf?  I just stumbled upon him/them.  I’m going to buy because it sounds like really good running music.

Please comment if you have any new recommendations for running music. 

I think I want to start drinking coffee too.  It just seems like a good thing to drink (or get addicted to)?!   Any good recommendations for a good coffee maker, under $100?

Tomorrow’s “Tattoo Day”.  I’m getting both the “26.2” and “13.1” tattoos.


One Response to “Addicted To Coffee?”

  1. Alecia November 8, 2011 at 8:09 am #

    I’m jealous of your new tattoos! I think that will be my bday present to myself this year. A french press is actually the best way to brew a cup of coffee (per the History Channel), it saves a lot of space on your counter, and a press costs nowhere near $100.

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